What a night.

The boys did it. It was not pretty. They could have packed it in, but this team is special. Enjoy this Terp Nation! We are the lead story!

The title says it all. The Terps are back. Now, for a team that has won at least 19 games for 15+ years, they never went too far down, but the words uttered when Duane Simpkins beat Georgetown are true again. After 4 years of frustration brought on by super high expectations, we took control of a game against Duke and our senior leader would not be denied.

Greivis Vasquez will have his name in the rafters for all to see forever. Tonight's win against Duke didn't cement that, but years from now when you look up and see the jersey hanging there, you can remember this night. He wasn't perfect, but he is the heart and soul of this era of Maryland basketball and he willed this team to victory.

There are many other players who deserve big props for their play in this one. Adrian Bowie showed flashes of brilliance that I know had most of us saying to ourselves, "Next year may not be so scary!".
Jordan Williams was a flat out stud. Rebounding with the biggest and tallest all night and hitting 5 straight clutch free throws.

But this night is about the seniors. I know I didn't want the students rushing the floor, but what can you say? Vasquez deserved to be carried off the floor. Hayes deserved to be carried off the floor. Milbourne, who busts his butt no matter how his shot is falling, deserved to be carried off the floor. Nobody will ever forget this game and this season. Buzzer beaters, double OT wins, and grabbing first place against Duke on senior night.

Now this season is far from over and I'm sure we are all scared of a letdown on Saturday, but that's for tomorrow and the rest of the week. Let's all enjoy this fantastic evening!!
Author: Gregg | 3/3/2010 9:37:05 PM |

Duke Preview and Game Thread

It's here.  The waiting is almost over.  How long have we waited?  I guess it depends on your perspective.  Only since beating Va Tech on Saturday have the Terps had legitimate dreams about earning a share of the regular season ACC Title.  In that sense, we've only "waited" a few days.  However, if by "waiting" you are referring to the long road ba [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/3/2010 3:22:13 PM |


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Author: Jeremy | 3/3/2010 10:03:55 AM |


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Author: Jeremy | 3/3/2010 9:55:28 AM |

Some Pre-Duke Quotes

As promised (even though I'm a little late), here are some quotes I got from the Duke presser yesterday. It was my first one of these, and it was pretty cool. There were about 25 reporters (including familiar Terp faces like Patrick Stevens, Seth Hoffman, Steve Yanda and Jeff Barker), a bunch of cameras and Chick Hernandez, and Jay Bilas was just c [...] Read More »

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Showing Love For Eric Hayes

On a night-in, night-out basis, the Terps have been able to count on Greivis Vasquez being the best player on the floor. No matter who the opponent has been (except for that Duke game), Greivis has without fail been the best player on the floor.Jordan Williams has also been a consistent wonder. With double-digit rebound games in four of his last fi [...] Read More »

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A Victory For The Ages. Terps Win In 2OT

What a game.  Vasquez turned in the best second half I can remember.  He was 11 for 23 in the second half.  He wilted down the stretch (finishing 4-14); but who can blame him?  The man played 48 minutes.Vasquez made some mistakes (that 3pt with 6 seconds left in the first OT being the biggest); but he also found an open Hayes for what should have b [...] Read More »

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Virginia Tech Game Thread

After the Terps began the 09-10 season with some disappointing losses in Maui; we all re-calibrated our expectations downward. The Terps were a top 25 in November, but as that quickly faded, selection for the NCAA Tournament became the goal. Because of the lackluster non-conference performance; just about anyone with any authority agreed that 10 AC [...] Read More »

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Never Say Die Terps Win Again!

These are actual text messages I received during the game. To protect the embarrassed, I will not name names!!!"This game was over before it started.""Can you ruin a season with one game?""[We will] lose by 30"I can't say that I knew the boys would come back in this one, after all they have had quite an emotional run in the past few weeks and a ba [...] Read More »

Author: Gregg | 2/24/2010 11:17:27 PM |

Clemson Game Thread

Tonight the Terps can reach the promised land of 10 wins.  By no means is this the biggest hurdle left in their path; but it is a major one nonetheless.  Clemson is clearly capable of making life extremely difficult for our skill players and the Terps will not be taking them lightly.Of course, after Saturday's heroics; there's always the possibilit [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 2/24/2010 3:58:28 PM | Tags: clemson, game threads |
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