From Cougars To Spartans

Houston, you had a problem.  His name was Jordan Williams.  21 points, 17 rebound and he is a freshman.  Perhaps the most exciting part is that players usually improve the most between their freshman and sophomore seasons. But, surely that is a topic for another time.  There are still game(s) to be played this season.

On the whole, the Terps played a great game. After turning the ball over 5 times in the first 5 minutes, the Terps finished with 9 for the game.  That included 2 inexplicable back-to-back giveaways by Cliff Tucker.  Sometimes, that kid just leaves you speechless.

The only missing piece yesterday was the 3PT shooting.  4-17 will not get it done against Michigan State.  Vasquez missed all of his attempts from beyond the arc (0-5).  He was pressing so much at the end of the game to get one that he fired off a couple of bad attempts.  The Terps simply can't afford another shutout from our best player on Sunday.

Michigan State will pose a different set of problems than Houston did.  The Terps will not be able to dominate the interior like we did against Houston.  The Spartans are big enough on the interior and they play good half court defense.  The final score will not be in 80s.

Of course, the announcers will spend the majority of the game blathering on about Gary Williams and Tom Izzo.  Two future Hall of Fame coaches.  It will be a non-stop topic of discussion and I urge you to consider turning the volume off.  None of it matters.

Ultimately, Sunday's game will define our season and that is all the matters.  A trip to the Sweet 16 will reestablish Maryland as an elite program.  It will give our younger player invaluable experience as we look ahead to next season.  Most importantly, it means we get to keep playing for a championship.  That is what this is all about.  As long as the Terps keep advancing, fans can keep dreaming.
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