Berend Weijs: A Dam Good Player

Don't let the capacity crowd in this clip fool you;  Berend Weijs is going to be big time.  Aside from being the second most famous European basketball player with a name pronounced "WHYSS" (remember the immortal Frederic Weis?); Berend does offer a big body for our front court next season.

Weijs comes to us from Amsterdam by way of Harcum CC in Philly. He's a junior college transfer and will enter Maryland as a Junior.

Whether or not he is capable/needed of contributing in the ACC/Big Ten next season (see what I did there?); is an open question.  From the video it looks like he can dunk (a reverse jam no less!) and run the floor; but I'd prefer to see him playing defense and rebounding in traffic.

Either way, add the Netherlands to Lithuiana (Sarunas), South Korea (Jin Soo Kim), Iceland (the Hawk), Venezuela (Greivis), and the UK (Shane Walker) to the Terrapin World Tour.

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Sterling Gibbs Highlights

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Terps Nab First 2011 Commit: Sterling Gibbs

Sterling Gibbs committed to Maryland this evening.  The 6'1" point guard is rated as a 90 according to ESPN. Yahoo rates him as a three star player.  Sterling hails from NJ and plays for Seton Hall prep.  Let's hope he's better than the other Sterling who recently donned Terrapin red (Ledbetter).According to this interview, Gibbs lists is pull up j [...] Read More »

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68 teams

They couldn't have added one more team to the Tournament just for comedy's sake?  Really?  ESPN is reporting that the NCAA has reached an agreement with CBS and Turner (very funny) to a 14-year agreement.  Well, at least the doomsday scenario of 96 teams has been avoided.The article claims that 96% of the NCAA's revenue's come from the Men's Basket [...] Read More »

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Greed Strikes Again

As if the impending 96-team NCAA Tournament weren't bad enough; now the greedy old men who run the NCAA are determined to destroy college basketball by creating Super Conferences. Texas moving to the SEC?  Maryland to the Big 10?  Syracuse to the ACC?  Four super conferences with 16 teams each?Why?  What's the point?  Money of course is driving all [...] Read More »

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The End Is Near

I threw up in my mouth when I saw this: NCAA appears to determined to ruin college basketball. A 96-team field will render the regular season absolutely meaningless.  UNC at 5-11 in the ACC would have gotten in to the NCAA Tournament this year if 96 teams had been invited.  It is an absolute dis [...] Read More »

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Rodney King Part Deux

I'm sure you have all seen the video by now; but I feel like this deserves its own thread.  Besides, I need to get back into the swing of things anyway.  Anyone who attended College Park  knows how much the locals hate the students.  Students and Alumni also know the draconian measures that the CP Police Dept use to ensure that no student ever has [...] Read More »

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Returning Backcourt - An Analysis

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Reflections of the Seniors: Landon Milbourne

Landon Milbourne will always be seen as a tease for Maryland fans. He came on campus as a third wheel as Hayes and Vasquez received the hoopla of Maryland saviors. He scored only 16 points total as a freshman, but bought into Gary Williams’ system and worked his tail off in the weight room.After that invisible freshman campaign, Milbourne managed t [...] Read More »

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Terps Returning Frontcourt - An Analysis

I'm back from my self-imposed week long hiatus.  Once Evil Drew Nicholas doomed our season, I needed a break from writing.  Some unattributed quotes overheard last week: When the shot went in, I had to take a knee I woke up at 5AM on Tuesday, started thinking about the shot and I couldn't go back to sleep. There is still a chalk outline of [...] Read More »

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