68 teams

They couldn't have added one more team to the Tournament just for comedy's sake?  Really?  ESPN is reporting that the NCAA has reached an agreement with CBS and Turner (very funny) to a 14-year agreement.  Well, at least the doomsday scenario of 96 teams has been avoided.

The article claims that 96% of the NCAA's revenue's come from the Men's Basketball Tournament.  That has to be inaccurate.  I can't believe for a second that college football and the BCS only account for 4% of revenues. Nevertheless, disaster appears to be averted for now.

What remains to be seen is how the additional three teams will impact the Tournament.  Since I know of no new conferences joining Division I; I'm guessing that we are looking at the possibility of 3 more at-large teams next season.  How those teams will work their way into the bracket is anyone's guess.  Maybe the there will  be four play-in games comprising the 8 lowest seeded automatic qualifiers from lesser conferences.  That would make the most sense; but who knows what the NCAA will ultimately decide.

Terp fans should be happy about this.  If these rules had been implemented after 2002; it can be argued that the Terps would not have missed a Tournament this decade.  The years that MD missed were years that the Terps were on the cusp of a bid.  Since 68 teams doesn't dilute the field too much; we should be breathing a sigh of relief.
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Greed Strikes Again

As if the impending 96-team NCAA Tournament weren't bad enough; now the greedy old men who run the NCAA are determined to destroy college basketball by creating Super Conferences. Texas moving to the SEC?  Maryland to the Big 10?  Syracuse to the ACC?  Four super conferences with 16 teams each?Why?  What's the point?  Money of course is driving all [...] Read More »

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The End Is Near

I threw up in my mouth when I saw this:  http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/bracket?id=5071629The NCAA appears to determined to ruin college basketball. A 96-team field will render the regular season absolutely meaningless.  UNC at 5-11 in the ACC would have gotten in to the NCAA Tournament this year if 96 teams had been invited.  It is an absolute dis [...] Read More »

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Rodney King Part Deux

I'm sure you have all seen the video by now; but I feel like this deserves its own thread.  Besides, I need to get back into the swing of things anyway.  Anyone who attended College Park  knows how much the locals hate the students.  Students and Alumni also know the draconian measures that the CP Police Dept use to ensure that no student ever has [...] Read More »

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Returning Backcourt - An Analysis

[...] Read More »

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Reflections of the Seniors: Landon Milbourne

Landon Milbourne will always be seen as a tease for Maryland fans. He came on campus as a third wheel as Hayes and Vasquez received the hoopla of Maryland saviors. He scored only 16 points total as a freshman, but bought into Gary Williams’ system and worked his tail off in the weight room.After that invisible freshman campaign, Milbourne managed t [...] Read More »

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Terps Returning Frontcourt - An Analysis

I'm back from my self-imposed week long hiatus.  Once Evil Drew Nicholas doomed our season, I needed a break from writing.  Some unattributed quotes overheard last week: When the shot went in, I had to take a knee I woke up at 5AM on Tuesday, started thinking about the shot and I couldn't go back to sleep. There is still a chalk outline of [...] Read More »

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Gary Williams Reflects On Greivis' Career

Watch this video.If there was a debate about Greivis' place at Maryland, Gary settles it.  For all his warts, I've never been more convinced that there is no other human being on this planet fit to coach this team.I need to stop because it's getting a little misty here in Chicago.... [...] Read More »

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Picking up the Pieces

Stomach Punch.Call it the most gut-wrenching loss in Maryland history.  Call it the anti-Drew Nicholas.  Whatever you want to call it; I'm left shell shocked and I don't mean that as a pun.  I've been wandering the streets of neighborhood (still freezing cause I live in fucking Chicago) with the sound of Korie Lucious' shot hitting the back iron st [...] Read More »

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Michigan State Thread - NCAA Round 2

Form here on out, every game the Terps play is the biggest game the team has played since the National Championship game in 2002.  Simply put, Maryland has an incredible opportunity to make a deep run this year.Yesterday's events have only increased the urgency. Now that Kansas - the odds on favorite - has been eliminated; the Spartans and the Terp [...] Read More »

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