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In two days time, the Maryland Terrapins will have the opportunity to erase the disaster that was the 2009 season.  At 2-10, the Terps reached a new low.  The head coach, Ralph Friedgen, had his legacy questioned.  The coach-in-waiting, James Franklin, looked less like an offensive genius and more like a guy who was merely a serviceable recruiter.

A 12 team ACC can expect 6 or 7 teams to make a bowl game.  Does Maryland have an opportunity to be one them?  Sure.  Do they have a chance to be in a bowl that doesn't have a clunky brand in front of it like "Meineke Car Care" or "Emerald Nuts"?  Not really.

Of course, the Terps could have a dream season.  It's impossible to know how the intangibles will ultimately effect the outcomes of their games.  However, all signs point to a middling season.

The Fridge will breaking in a new QB, Jamarr Robinson.  Robinson appeared in 4 games last year and he looked like a world beater against Florida State last year (20 for 27 anyone?).  Jamarr will have a top wideout to target in Torrey Smith and tailback Da'Rel Scott appears 100% healthy for the first time in two years.

All that sounds great, but an offense is only as effective as the offensive line is at pass protection and run blocking.  The O-line loses two starters, including NFL Combine superstar Bruce Campbell; but the Fridge seems pleased with this year's squad (whatever that means).  Ultimately, I think the Terps will be effective at moving the ball.

Defensively, the Terps are replacing three starters from a front four that wasn't very good in the first place.  Ouch.  The linebacking corps should be fine with Alex Wucjiak anchoring the defense.  The secondary is thin, but boasts some talented players like Cameron Chism and Kenny Tate.

Football is a game that is won and lost in the trenches and it appears that unfortunately that is where the Terps are the weakest.  Cause for concern?  Yes.  Should we not bother to watch?  Of course not.

Here's how I see it playing out.

9/6 Navy: W - Is there a more ridiculous and forced name for a rivalry than the "Crab Bowl"?  These teams have played only 13 teams since 1900 and once since 1964.  The most memorable thing that happened in the history of this rivalry was in '64 game when Terp linebacker Jerry Fishman, who's name sounds like it belongs to a Jewish grandfather rather than a linebacker, gave the entire Navy alumni section THE FINGER during the game.  Stay classy, Maryland.  The Terps will be lucky to win this one because Navy can pound the ball and our defensive front is weak, but I won't pick against us here.

9/11 Morgan State: W - If we lose this game, the Fridge should be fired immediately.

9/18 at West Virginia: L - We don't win in Morgantown even when we are good.

9/25 Florida International: W - We will finally beat a Florida school!

10/2 Duke: W - Fuck Duke.

10/16 at Clemson: L -  Why does Clemson play in Death Valley?  Clemson is the most under-achieving program in the country.  They should rename the stadium, Minor Head Cold Valley.

10/23 at Boston College: L - We'll probably win a road game this year; but I just don't see this one.

10/30 Wake Forest: W - Back to earth for the Demon Deacons.

11/6 at Miami: L - We have no chance.

11/13 at Virginia: W - This program does not scare me and never has.

11/20 Florida State: L - We're at home, so there's a chance.  If we are going to pick off a contender, this is it.

11/27 N.C. State: W - Winning season here we come! Fans will rush the field as the Humanitarian Bowl bid is sealed.  Have I mentioned how stupid the college football postseason is?

There it is folks.  A 7-5 season and a return to winning. After last season, I think we'd all be thrilled with these results.
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Author: Jeremy | 9/4/2010 7:42:11 AM | Tags: football, terrapins, season preview |

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