West Virginia Recap - They Were Who We Thought They Were

James Franklin and Ralph Friedgen are geniuses.  Here was the game plan they devised late Friday night:
OK, we'll let the Mountaineers get out to a 28-point lead by looking listless on defense and totally inept on offense.  Then, just when West Virginia lets its guard down; we'll remember that we have one of the best receivers in the ACC on our team and loft two bombs to him.

Obviously, that conversation never took place; but whatever conversations actually did occur, yielded the same pathetic result.  The first series on offense was truly the most remarkable thing I have ever witnessed in 25 years of watching Maryland football.  If four procedure penalties in the first offensive series of the game aren't an indictment of the ineptitude of the coaching staff; then I don't know what is.

To top it off; while that monstrosity of a screw-up was happening on the field, the Fridge stood there on the sidelines with his arms folded looking barely interested - or lobotomized - definitely one of the two.  Did anyone else notice that?  In years past, we would have seen a Fridge in full throat letting his players know how he felt.  Yesterday?  There was nary a wimper.  Either the Fridge is too old for this crap or he's been so beaten down by this Coach-in-Waiting bullshit, that he can't be bothered anymore.

What a shame too.  The Fridge is the best coach the Terps have had in my lifetime and he has been reduced to a spectator on the sidelines.  Of course, the Fridge shares much of the blame for his predicament.

The incredible inability of Demarr Robinson to exhibit any level of competence at quarterback extends the streak of ineffective or inconsistent QBs to seven seasons (If memory serves, Scott McBrien, was the last good field general and he graduated in 2003.).  That is incredible given the success that the Fridge had in his first four seasons.

The program is sure in a predicament.  I have zero confidence in Franklin to run this offense let alone the whole team. Yet, he will be the head coach unless the school finds $1MM to give him.  Just Awful.

The real shame here is that the team has talent.  Da'Rel Scott is a great college back and Torrey Smith is clearly going to play on Sundays.  It's not too late to have a "successful" season, but that would require the coaching staff to change its stripes.  The players deserve better than this.

Florida International comes to Byrd next week and my upset detector is going off.  FIU led Texas A&M 20-6 in the 4th Quarter this week before succumbing late.  Maryland had better come ready to play or we could tack another embarrassing loss to add to the MTSU defeats of the last two seasons.
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Maryland - West Virginia Preview and Game Thread

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The Fridge's Press Conference

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Maryland STANDS Strong!

Could it really have ended any other way? 4th down and goal from the 1. We haven't stopped them all game long when they held onto the ball. How many of us actually thought we would make that stop? Me, I was livid that they could have called timeout with 1:00 left if they were smart. I was hoping to have some time for a final drive. You gotta [...] Read More »

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Media Day Wrap-Up

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Terp Media Day

Sup Soupers. Just wanted to let you all know I'll be at Terps media day all day today from noon (the Friedgen press conference) to 6:30 (the end of the first practice). I'll be tweeting @ethanrothstein if you guys want to follow along, despite the collective mild disinterest in football. I'll writeup some highlights later in the week for you guys t [...] Read More »

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