The Cavalcade of Injuries Continue

Left tackle Justin Gilbert will miss the remainder of the season, according to numerous sources, another in a long, long list of injuries for the Terps through the season's first three weeks. There were a number of lineup change options that the coaches had to choose from, but they decided to go with the one that was horribly unsuccessful on Saturday, shifting R.J. Dill to LT, and letting RS Freshman Pete DeSouza fill in at RT. DeSouza was absolutely schooled time and time again, leading to WVU accumulating 8 sacks when they had not recorded one in their previous two games.

Let's try to count the injuries we've had so far to guys who were expecting to receive significant playing time: the tight ends (Devonte Campbell, Lansford Watson, Will Yeatman), Ben Pooler, C.J. Brown, Danny O'Brien's ankle scare, Jamarr Robinson's shoulder issues this week, the cramps during Saturday's game, Darin Drakeford, Marcus Whitfield, and Gary Douglas and Emani Lee-Odai, who were inactive last week.

That's not an unreasonable number of injuries over the course of a full season, but for the first three weeks, that list is far too long. Then when one considers that the majority of injuries are bunched in three positions: tight end, quarterback and linebacker. The depth at all three positions were considered strengths going into training camp. The team is now dangerously shallow at all three positions, which means redshirts are going to start getting torched pretty soon (Devin Burns) and true freshmen, besides David Mackall, Matt Robinson and Desmond Kearse, will be thrust into action.

We're not Florida, Alabama, Ohio State or Texas. We don't have waves of four-and-five-star recruits waiting in the wings for their shot. The guys who are filling in are those who are only at Maryland because it was the only BCS school to offer them, and some of them (such as our tight ends) don't even have scholarships.

I don't know when our team became the 2009 Mets, but whatever our coaches can do to curb injuries, they have got to start doing it. I don't know if that means less or more contact during practice, more or less time in the weight room/whirlpool/massage table/classroom, but if the trend of escalating injuries continue, this season will start to look a lot like last season in no time.
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West Virginia Recap - They Were Who We Thought They Were

James Franklin and Ralph Friedgen are geniuses.  Here was the game plan they devised late Friday night:OK, we'll let the Mountaineers get out to a 28-point lead by looking listless on defense and totally inept on offense.  Then, just when West Virginia lets its guard down; we'll remember that we have one of the best receivers in the ACC on our team [...] Read More »

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Maryland - West Virginia Preview and Game Thread

Tomorrow, Morgantown, West Virginia will be site where the future of the 2010 season will be determined for the Terrapins.  It is the ultimate swing game.  A win, and the Terps are heading towards 5-0 (home vs. FIU and Duke are wins).  A loss, and it is back to the slog. In some ways, this season has already defied expectations.  [...] Read More »

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The Fridge's Press Conference

I took this video after last night's game. Rough news about C.J. Brown. Danny O'Brien now saying he'll be fine, but the most interesting tidbit is Friedgen saying Baltz has the PK job. Sorry Freaky Feet. Here's Torrey Smith's postgame interview: [...] Read More »

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Maryland - Morgan State Game Thread

This game doesn't need much introduction - if Maryland loses, it will be our worst loss in years. It's the home opener coming off a huge win last week (Thank you, Kenny Tate), facing an FCS team, and not a very good one at that. I'm not going to waste anyone's time by giving you a preview of Morgan State's team, because it doesn't matter. If Maryla [...] Read More »

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Maryland STANDS Strong!

Could it really have ended any other way? 4th down and goal from the 1. We haven't stopped them all game long when they held onto the ball. How many of us actually thought we would make that stop? Me, I was livid that they could have called timeout with 1:00 left if they were smart. I was hoping to have some time for a final drive. You gotta [...] Read More »

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Crab Bowl Game Thread

The football season starts today.  In order for the Terps to turn the negative tide that started last season; a win is essential.  Navy is powered by the wishbone running attack and the Terps front seven will be tested. The game is nationally televised on ESPN and it may be our last, so enjoy it.  If you'd like to read up on some nationally synd [...] Read More »

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2010 Terps Football Preview

We're Number #1!!        Image by Getty Images via @daylif In two days time, the Maryland Terrapins will have the opportunity to erase the disaster that was the 2009 season.  At 2-10, the Terps reached a new low.  The head coach, Ralph Friedgen, had his legacy questioned.  The coach-in-waiting, James Franklin, looked less like an offensive genius [...] Read More »

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Terp Heartbreaker, Lucious, Charged With DUI

Michigan State Spartan, Korie Lucious, has been charged with DUI.  I will never forget how this kid plunged a dagger into my heart 4 1/2 months ago.  There is a part of me that will always despise this kid for beating the Terps, but I would never wish him ill.  I hope this is nothing more than a youthful indiscretion and not a larger problem.My gue [...] Read More »

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Media Day Wrap-Up

It was my first time at one of these things, so it was a pretty cool experience. Ralph had his typical press conference, but it lasted for a good half hour this time around, then they brought every single non-freshman player out for an interview session that lasted an hour. I was able to talk to Alex Wujciak, Jamarr Robinson, Torrey Smith, Da'Rel S [...] Read More »

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