MD - UVA As We Limp Home

This game could have meant something.  Now it doesn't.  Win or lose, MD needs to win the ACC Tournament.  MD seeding is virtually assured, so the only unknowns for this game are:
  • Will Jordan Williams bounce back from his worst performance of the season?
  • Will Terrell Stoglin continue his stellar play?
  • Will we finally get a game where both stars are hitting on all cylinders?
It'd be nice to see these guys play well together since they are the future of the program.  Otherwise, it's a limp to the finish.
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Terps Hit New Low

Every time Maryland loses at Miami, it feels like the program is at rock bottom.  Somehow, tonight's loss feels even worse.  Consider: There were 500 fans at the game.  If it is any solace; the ACC has sunk farther as a conference than the Terps have as a program. Gary got out coached again.  The zone got Maryland back in th [...] Read More »

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Miami Thread

The Terps fortunes in South Florida have never been good.  I don't know if it is the nice weather, the allure of South Beach, or the general decline of the Terps program the last seven years. Either way, going down to Miami is not a great place for the Terps to be while they are licking their wounds from the most recent ass-kicking at the [...] Read More »

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Somehow, The Terps Aren't Dead Yet

Joe Lunardi, ESPN's Tournament Oracle, currently lists the Terps as the sixth team to be left out of the Field of 68 in his latest Bracketology update (2/28).  At first glance, that seems ridiculous.  After all, the Terps boast an RPI of 83 and they haven't beaten an opponent in the Top 49 all year.  How is it possible that Lunardi t [...] Read More »

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Outcoached, Outgunned, Outmanned

What a disappointing end to the Terps at-large hopes.  They weren't even in it.  There were only two people associated with the program who deserved a victory tonight:  Terrell Stoglin and Jordan Williams.  I'm depressed, so I will keep this short and sweet. Outcoached:  That zone killed Maryland in the first half.&n [...] Read More »

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Beat UNC; Go Dancing

If the Terps win tonight; the administration should consider changing the mascot to a Phoenix.  Because with a win, the Terps will have risen from the ashes to save yet another season. The task will not be easy.  Carolina has not lost at home all year. However, only a fool would count Gary Williams and the Terps out.  They've done it [...] Read More »

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Martin Breunig Is A Terp

The Terps have officially added the 6'9" German phenom to their potent stable of European players.  Breunig joins Icelander, Haukker Palsson and Dutchman Berend Weijs.  Bruenig's can play inside and outside and he is viewed as a major D-I prospect.  His assistant coach, Martin Esters tweeted the news today. As you [...] Read More »

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Terps Trounce FSU; UNC Now Means Something

The Terps played a great game. Granted the last 7 minutes looked ugly; but they were able to extend the lead and FSU is a great defensive team.  It was the Terps best effort of the season. Maryland finally has an RPI 50 win temporarily.  I say that because FSU is teetering on the edge (ranked #50 at tipoff) and will likely drop out to [...] Read More »

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Terps Search For Breakthrough vs FSU

Here we are again.  The Terps have yet to prove their mettle against top 50 teams and with season winding down; are in desperate need of a breakthrough. FSU comes to town missing its best player, Chris Singleton.  The 6'9" forward represents 20% of the Seminole's scoring and 25% of the team's blocks.  He's also their leading [...] Read More »

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Terrell Stoglin, A Maestro

[Image flickrUrl="" url="" align="Left" caption="Dino Gregory borrowed Milbourne's shot for the rest of the season." credit="Inside MD Sports"  width="333" height=" [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 2/20/2011 6:46:03 PM |
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