Maryland's Post Player Options

With the departure of Jordan Williams appearing more certain by the day; it's worth looking at the options Maryland is looking at for next season and beyond.


Plan A - Jordan stays. Likelihood= 10%
Plan B - Marek Soucek.  As discussed in the last thread, Soucek is a 7'0 Czech Power Forward who would come to MD by way of the Canary Islands.  He can shoot the three and it even looks like he has a good first step.  Is he strong enough to hold his own down low in ACC?  Remains to be seen.  Can he play right away?  Remains to be seen.  Likelihood = 50%
Plan C - Go to battle with James Padgett, Berend Weijs, and Ashton Pankey and pray that at least one of them steps forward as a reliable post presence (at least from a rebounding and defensive perspective).  My bet is on Pankey.  We've seen what Padgett is capable of and it is hard to imagine he improves over what we've seen the last 2 years.  Pankey on the other hand has put on 20lbs of muscle since he came to College Park, and as a product of St. Anthony's in NJ; it is safe to say that Pankey understands the game.  Hopefully, he'll emerge from his redshirt season ready to go.  Likelihood = 40%


Plan A - Shaquille Cleare and Wally Judge sign.  Cleare lists MD at the top of his list.  Hopefully, he'll sign in the fall.  He's an elite talent.  He's got post moves and a wide body.  It'd be a coup for the Terp coaching staff to land the young Bahamian.  Judge is making his official visit to MD this weekend.  Zags Blog points to Rutgers as the favorite to land Judge, but MD, Washington and Memphis are also in the mix.  (  Apologies; but my linking feature doesn't seem to be working on this machine.  Likelihood = 45%

Landing Judge and Cleare would give the Terps the perfect frontcourt tandem.  It's Baxter (Cleare) and Wilcox (Judge) all over again.  Cleare has the wide body and the post-game; while Judge can leap out of the gym and block shots.  Throw in a backcourt of Stoglin, Faust, and Justin Anderson and the Terps could be in the Final Four if the nucleus can stick together through 2013.

Plan B - Robert Upshaw ( has received an offer from Maryland.  He's a California kid and would represent a great "get" for the program, but I'd rate the Cleare/Judge combo above Upshaw.  In addition to Upshaw, the Terps have also offered Mitch McGary )  McGary hails from Big 10 country (Indiana), so it's hard to imagine he flips to MD; but the Terps are casting a wide net and that is good thing.  Likelihood 20%

Plan C - If none of the above commit to MD; the Terps are interested in 6'9" PF Zach Auguste (  Auguste is not a wide body but can run the floor and jump.  He's a similar player to Desmond Hubert. Likelihood = 20%

Plan D - If the Terps can't land any of the frontcourt players mentioned above; then we might as well forget about college basketball until the back half of the decade.  Likelihood = 15%

Seriously, the Terps need to land some of these guys.  2011 is going to be tough without Jordan; but I think the Terps have a good shot at their 2012 Plan A (Cleare and Judge).  If that happens, break out the party hats.
Author: Jeremy | 4/26/2011 8:01:37 AM |

Marek Soucek - Savior?

For those that didn't follow DBR's sage advice from the previous thread, Marek Soucek could save our season.  He's 7'0" 235lb with 3PT range.  As the highlight video demonstrates, don't expect him to solve our offensive rebounding woes as he seems to like playing out on the perimeter and (believe or not) slashing to the basket.  [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 4/21/2011 10:12:02 AM |

Desmond Hubert Picks UNC Over Maryland

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Author: Jeremy | 4/14/2011 2:49:28 PM |

Waiting Game

For Terp fans; this is an agonizing time.  There is nothing to do but wait.  - We wait for Desmond Hubert to decide between UNC and Maryland (likely this week and likely UNC). - We wait for Jordan Williams to sign with an agent. (must happen before April 24th). - We wait to see if Wally Judge and Maryland have a mutual interest [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 4/10/2011 6:32:41 PM |

Debbie Yow and Greg Doyel Attempt Character Assasination On Gary Williams

It's all over the news wires.  Debbie Yow publicly called out and blamed Gary Williams for her inability to hire a coach at NC State.  She did this, of course, during the press conference announcing Mark Gottfried as the new coach of the Wolfpack. Savvy.  How's that for a ringing endorsement for the new guy? Yow just announced,&nb [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 4/5/2011 6:29:56 PM |

Faust and Bruenig On Display at NeXt All-American Classic

Nick Faust and Martin Brueing played in the NeXt All-American Classic on Sunday at the Sears Centre outside of Chicago.  I was among the sparsely attended crowd.  In fact, to say the arena was sparsely populated is a gross understatement. I've been at women's roller derby events with larger crowds.  If you removed family members from [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 4/3/2011 6:03:03 PM |

NeXt All-American Classic

Nick Faust and Martin Bruenig are playing in the NeXt All-American Classic in suburban Chicago this afternoon.  I'll be attending and will share my thoughts after the game. I'll also be trying to figure out why the event organizers choose to spell "next" with a capital "X". Don't expect an answer there; but do expect [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 4/3/2011 9:37:10 AM |

Jordan Williams Enters Name In NBA Draft

Well, it is official.  Jordan Williams will test the NBA waters this year.  My link creator is not working on this computer so he is the link to the news: The article points toward the possibility that Williams could indeed return to school depending on how he is evaluated.  As long as th [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/29/2011 7:17:15 AM |

Returning Players - First Look At The Starters

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Author: Jeremy | 3/28/2011 2:11:52 PM |

Returning Players - First Look At The Backcourt Bench

Before I continue the discussion about next year; I want to make it clear that I don't plan on discussing the future of Jordan Williams.  Everything that has been said through blogs and twitter is hearsay at this point.  Jordan hasn't said anything publicly.  It is routine for rising sophomores and juniors to test the NBA waters in w [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/24/2011 11:03:19 AM |
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