Terps Fall Apart; Lose 56-45

CJ Brown almost did it by himself.  Outside of Justus Pickett and Davin Meggett he had no help.  Brown set  a school records for rushing yards by a QB and he put 45 points up against the #24 ranked defense in the nation.

Yet it was not enough.  Not even close.  That's because Maryland's receivers are the worst I've ever seen.  They can't catch anything.  Tyler dropped a sure TD pass (on Brown's only good deep ball of the night) and the rest of corp dropped at least 4 other balls maybe more.

Shockingly, the awful pass catching wasn't even Maryland's worst performance of the night.  What can you say about the defense and special teams?  Bad doesn't even come close to describing it.  The Terps can't stop anyone.  The tackling is terrible and they don't put any pressure on the quarterback.

For the second game in a row, Maryland had a ranked team on its heels and came up short.  On one hand; I give credit to Edsall for having the guts to put in CJ Brown; but the result was still the same and that is all that matters.

It is apparent now that the real tragedy in all of this is that the receiving corps is so bad that Danny O'Brien never really had a chance to be successful.

In the end, the Terps had a 38-17 lead and lost.  That's inexcusable.  Edsall has not won over fans or alumni with his approach and games like this will only cement the anger of the fan base.

The season is mostly lost at this point so, uh...

How bout that Alex Len, huh? 
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Clemson - MD Thread

It's back to the reality of middling expectations now that the euphoria of last night's midnight madness has worn off. Yes, the football team comes home today to take on Clemson.  The Tigers may be the best team the Terps will face all year.  It's not likely to be pretty. While I'm encouraged by the performance of the defense last w [...] Read More »

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Midnight Madness 2011

Not since 1992 have we entered a Midnight Madness with lower expectations than this season. Gary Williams' retirement and Jordan Williams early and unfortunate departure have left the program at a crossroads. The hiring of Mark Turgeon and his early recruiting successes have given Terp Nation reason for optimism; but for most fans, that opti [...] Read More »

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Maryland Comeback Falls Short; Lose 21-16 To GT

The Terps played valiantly in the second half despite losing Andrew Gonnella for the season with a compound leg fracture.  Edsall benched Danny O'Brien at the start of the second half and backup CJ Brown led the comeback.  Brown is a dynamic runner who demonstrated the ability to gain the edge and get downfield.  Unfortunatel [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs. #13 Georgia Tech

Maryland plays Georgia Tech today and it doesn't look good.  Despite the fact the Terps once vaunted offense has sputtered; the bigger problem appears to be the swiss cheese defense. Georgia Tech possesses one of the best rushing attacks in college football and Maryland's defense had trouble stopping Towson last weekend.  It's like [...] Read More »

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Maryland - Towson Thread

Can you feel the excitement leading up to tomorrow's titillating Maryland - Towson game?  Me either. Who cares about these kind of games anyway.  All major conference schools do it and aside from the odd Appalachian State v Michigan or Middle Tennessee State v Maryland (twice!); these games are boring and offer no upside for the big sc [...] Read More »

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Temple Rolls Over Terps

It must have felt like old times for Randy Edsall this afternoon.  He got hammered by a non-BCS school.  When UConn entered Division I (or FBS or whatever 3 letter acronym they go by now); drubbings by D-I also-rans were routine.  Unfortunately for Edsall and Terp fans these kind of performances are totally unacceptable.  Th [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs Temple Thread

The Terps host a quality Temple team today.  Temple gave Penn State all it could handle last week before falling short, so expect the Terps to be grinding all day. Still, a loss would be disastrous.  The Terps whiffed on a massive opportunity last weekend against WVU and a loss today will foul all of the high hopes fans had going into [...] Read More »

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Christian Sanders Commits To Stanford

The headline says it all.  The Terps have lost 3-star combo guard to Stanford.  Sanders is a sharpshooter, so in my humble opinion, he's an asset on any team.  The Terps have not exactly been "lights out" from beyond the arc, so it hurts to lose a kid who can shoot well. On the flip side, Maryland is loaded at guard and [...] Read More »

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West Virginia Recap and Meet Charles Mitchell

Yesterday's loss was brutal.  It was brutal because the Terps valiantly fought back from 24 points down only to have our best player throw an AWFUL pick to end the game. Sure, there are plenty of positives to take away from the game (defense played well in the second half, Terps ran the ball well and moved down the field with ease of the l [...] Read More »

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