Outcoached, Outgunned, Outmanned

What a disappointing end to the Terps at-large hopes.  They weren't even in it.  There were only two people associated with the program who deserved a victory tonight:  Terrell Stoglin and Jordan Williams.  I'm depressed, so I will keep this short and sweet.

Outcoached:  That zone killed Maryland in the first half.  Commenter Danny C got it right.  Down 4 when the Terps went to zone; down 12 after they abandoned it.  The Terps never recovered.  Maryland pretty much played with the Tarheels the rest of the game; but it didn't matter.  It was too late.

Outgunned:  6 threes for UNC; 2 for Maryland.  Aside from Stoglin, no one on the team hit anything outside the paint except for Mosley's "the sun shines on a dog ass every once in a while" three and Tucker's invisible three.  Other than that, no one else hit a jumper all game. (Silver lining: Stoglin is an absolute beast.  He and Jordan will make wonderful music for the next 2+ years).

Outmanned:  Gary Williams had Sean Mosley covering the 6'9" Harrison Barnes.  That should tell you all you need to know about the talent gap on the floor.  James Padgett has zero athletic ability.  How he got a scholarship offer is really astounding when you think about it.  He is not capable of contributing at this level.  I've been convinced of that.

There will be some that say if the Terps win 4 more games they will get in (John Feinstein said as much in the postgame report).  Don't believe it.  Unless they beat Duke and UNC on the way to the Finals; they need to win the ACCT to get in.  It's sad that the season has to end this way; but at least there's next year, right?
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Beat UNC; Go Dancing

If the Terps win tonight; the administration should consider changing the mascot to a Phoenix.  Because with a win, the Terps will have risen from the ashes to save yet another season. The task will not be easy.  Carolina has not lost at home all year. However, only a fool would count Gary Williams and the Terps out.  They've done it [...] Read More »

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Martin Breunig Is A Terp

The Terps have officially added the 6'9" German phenom to their potent stable of European players.  Breunig joins Icelander, Haukker Palsson and Dutchman Berend Weijs.  Bruenig's can play inside and outside and he is viewed as a major D-I prospect.  His assistant coach, Martin Esters tweeted the news today. As you [...] Read More »

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Terps Trounce FSU; UNC Now Means Something

The Terps played a great game. Granted the last 7 minutes looked ugly; but they were able to extend the lead and FSU is a great defensive team.  It was the Terps best effort of the season. Maryland finally has an RPI 50 win temporarily.  I say that because FSU is teetering on the edge (ranked #50 at tipoff) and will likely drop out to [...] Read More »

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Terps Search For Breakthrough vs FSU

Here we are again.  The Terps have yet to prove their mettle against top 50 teams and with season winding down; are in desperate need of a breakthrough. FSU comes to town missing its best player, Chris Singleton.  The 6'9" forward represents 20% of the Seminole's scoring and 25% of the team's blocks.  He's also their leading [...] Read More »

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Terrell Stoglin, A Maestro

[Image flickrUrl="http://www.flickr.com/photos/insidemdsports/5463627294/" url="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5139/5463627294_367bfb6266.jpg" align="Left" caption="Dino Gregory borrowed Milbourne's shot for the rest of the season." credit="Inside MD Sports"  width="333" height=" [...] Read More »

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NC State Thread

NC State is a bad team, so the Terps should be fine today.  You see, the Terps can't beat good teams, only the bad ones.  State qualifies as bad, so that mean a likely victory. The Terps have virtually no chance of making the Tournament.  Aside from winning out and making a deep run into the ACC Tournament, the Terps are headed t [...] Read More »

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Terps Squander Stoglin's Mastery

For all intents and purposes, the season is now over.  NIT here we come.  Adrian Bowie, Cliff Tucker, and Sean Mosley have gotten worse as the season has progressed.  They have been terrible in this last stretch of games. Despite their dreadful performances; the Terps were in this game to the end thanks to the dazzling play of Te [...] Read More »

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Virginia Tech Thread

Sorry that I'm late getting the thread up; it's been a busy day at the office.  The Terps need to win their games.  That's the bottom line. Maybe tonight's the night they find some momentum.  Who knows?  It's an opportunity to get a little revenge.  Hopefully, the smell of Cliff Tucker's decomposing corpse won't interfere w [...] Read More »

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Play The Freshman

The Terps have pretty much run out of chances this year.  The upperclassmen (Mosley included) have failed to elevate this team to victory during various crucial opportunities throughout the season.  As far as I'm concerned, their time is up. If the Terps are to find a way back into the season; it will need to come from the freshmen [...] Read More »

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