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If it were possible to summarize the sentiments of the fan base through a three minute cartoon; these guys did it:

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It's a little known fact that I love haikus.  It's a widely known fact that I love Maryland basketball.  When the two are combined together; it's pure nirvana.

PS  - He got it absolutely right ranking Dixon over Bias.  Dixon won the NC and is tops in scoring.  Some people think this is a debate; but for me it is clear cut.
Author: Jeremy | 3/15/2011 7:17:00 AM |

Terps Not Good Enough For NIT

Before the floodgates of self-immolation open; let's remember that, for the first time, the NIT reserved 14 bids to regular season conference champions that did not qualify for the NCAAs.   Basically, the Terps would likely have been "invited" in previous years; but the rule change likely left them out. Still, that means tha [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/13/2011 6:19:16 PM |

It's Over

As per usual, Maryland killed themselves tonight.  The lack of composure at the free throw line (by the Terps best player) was inexcusable.  It prevented the Terps from getting over the hump and demoralized everyone. 2-10 in the biggest game of the season?  Please. Speaking of 2-10, that's what the Terps next best player shot fro [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/11/2011 8:04:43 PM |

ACC Quarters: It Always Comes Down To Duke

Well, here we are - again.  The Terps entire season is on the line tonight against our hated nemesis.  A win could literally salvage a disappointing season; but it won't be easy or likely. The Terps will need much steadier performances from the freshman guard tandem of Stoglin and Howard.  Another six turnover effort will surely [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/11/2011 9:23:08 AM |

Terps Can't Put NC State Away But Win Anyway

NC State shot 2-17 from three.  That won't happen tomorrow against Duke. NC State took a whopping 80 shots. The Terps actually outrebounded NC State 43-42; but State had 17 offensive rebounds to Maryland's 10.  The Terps also turned the ball over 15 times to State's 8.  If NC State could shoot worth a lick; we'd have gotten blo [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/10/2011 7:21:51 PM | Tags: nc state, acc tournament |

ACC Tournament 1st Round Thread

I'm plugging away at work so I don't have time to write a thorough preview of today's action. Just know that I believe the Terps aren't going anywhere as long as 3 of their top 7 reserves are playing terribly.  Add to it that they are all upperclassmen, and we are toast. For the Terps to mount a run, Cliff Tucker, Adrian Bowie, Sean Mo [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/10/2011 9:22:07 AM |

What Went Wrong

[Image flickrUrl="" url="" align="Left" caption="Cliff Tucker's ole` defense is one of the many things we won't miss next year" credit="Inside MD Sports"  width="428" he [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/7/2011 10:39:21 AM |

MD - UVA As We Limp Home

This game could have meant something.  Now it doesn't.  Win or lose, MD needs to win the ACC Tournament.  MD seeding is virtually assured, so the only unknowns for this game are: Will Jordan Williams bounce back from his worst performance of the season? Will Terrell Stoglin continue his stellar play? Will we finally get a game w [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/4/2011 9:34:27 PM | Tags: uva, game thread |

Terps Hit New Low

Every time Maryland loses at Miami, it feels like the program is at rock bottom.  Somehow, tonight's loss feels even worse.  Consider: There were 500 fans at the game.  If it is any solace; the ACC has sunk farther as a conference than the Terps have as a program. Gary got out coached again.  The zone got Maryland back in th [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/2/2011 7:16:02 PM | Tags: frustration, miami |

Miami Thread

The Terps fortunes in South Florida have never been good.  I don't know if it is the nice weather, the allure of South Beach, or the general decline of the Terps program the last seven years. Either way, going down to Miami is not a great place for the Terps to be while they are licking their wounds from the most recent ass-kicking at the [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/2/2011 9:36:52 AM | Tags: miami, game thread, bubble |
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