Nick Faust Recommits

Well the hits just keep on coming. Via his Twitter feed, Baltimore Sun Terps beat writer, Matt Bracken just confirmed Nick Faust's re-commitment:

@MattBracken Nick Faust is back on board with Maryland, his father Anthony said in a text.

Hallelujah!  With the addition of Asst. Coach Dalonte Hill; Nick Faust's re-commitment makes today far and away the best day of the Mark Turgeon era.  With Faust in tow, the Terps got the most important jewel in the Class of 2011.  

Now the Terps are as deep as you want to be in the back court.  Stoglin and Faust will likely start, with P'shon Howard and Mosley backing up (yes, I think Turge will sit Mosley in favor of a shooter).  In the front court; Mychal Parker (if he is still around) will have a chance to come in at the three.  If not, it will be a Hawk and Mosley platoon.  The 4 and 5 slots will be Pankey, Padgett, and Weijs (gulp).

In the end, Gary Williams' retirement will cost little in terms of blood and treasure.  Sure, we lost Sterling Gibbs; but gained Seth Allen for 2012.  We'll call that a wash. 

As for Martin Bruenig; he visited University of Washington today; but a little bug in my ear told me that I shouldn't be surprised if winds up at Rice University. If that's true; I'd wager dimes-to-dollars that he'd be a Terp if Turgeon really wanted him on the squad.  There is no recruit in his right mind that would forgo the ACC for a baseball school.

I've seen Bruenig play in an All-Star game with Nick Faust in March.  I came away thinking that Faust was as good as advertised and Bruenig was miles away from being able to help the Terps immediately. Methinks that The Turge has reached a similar conclusion.

Regardless, in less than a week, the Turge looked poised to build a powerhouse in the next 5 years.  Unless a big man falls like manna from heaven into our lap; next year will be tough (although I think it will be much better than many are predicting).  After that, watch out.  For the first time in many years; I'm excited to see the list of targets for 2012 and beyond.

Justin Anderson, Seth Allen are just the beginning. 

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Dalonte Hill Is Joining Turgeon's Staff

It's official!  Uber-Assistant Dalonte Hill is leaving his post at Kansas State University to join Coach Turgeon's staff at MD.  Here's a link to the Post article confirming the story: [...] Read More »

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Sterling Gibbs Is Texas Bound

Sterling Gibbs will not be enrolling at the University of Maryland this Fall. He made it official on his Twitter feed. Gibbs is a great kid and only a crazy Terp fan would hold this decision against him. Mark Turgeon got the Point Guard he wanted on Saturday when Seth Allen committed to the Terp Class of 2012.  Sterling Gibbs found a great [...] Read More »

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Turgeon General Lands First Terps Recruit

Gary Williams retired less than 10 days ago, yet new coach, Mark Turgeon has already landed his first recruit. 6'2" PG Seth Allen committed to the Terps this afternoon after visiting the campus.  Allen is from Fredericksburg, VA and had been recruited by Turgeon while he was still at A&M.  Allen is nowhere to be found on any [...] Read More »

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Et Tu Nick Faust?

The off season has reached Shakespearean proportions. Too much drama and heartache.  Don't get me wrong, the Terps navigated the departure of a Legend and landed a fantastic coach whom we will all love for years to come.  But... The Terps now have no 2011 recruits signed.  Nick Faust made it official this afternoon when he joined [...] Read More »

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Are Gibbs and Bruenig Gone Or Just In Limbo?

That's the million dollar question isn't it?  Everyone wants to know if yesterday's formal requests by both players to be let out of their LOIs means that they are officially out of the picture.  I'd venture to say that at this point, no one knows; not even the players themselves. The decision to stay or go will likely come down to a [...] Read More »

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Mark Turgeon Press Conference - Thread

The University of Maryland will introduce Mark Turgeon to the media, fans, students, and alumni at a press conference scheduled for Noon ET. is streaming it  live: Hopefully, we'll get some answers about Turgeon's plans for his assistants as well as some insight into how Gary Williams' retireme [...] Read More »

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5 To-Do's For Mark Turgeon

Mark Turgeon accepted Maryland's offer to become the new face of Terrapins Basketball tonight at 7:30 CT.   The union between Turgeon and the Terps has the makings of something great.  I can't find anyone who doesn't think Turgeon is a great basketball mind with tons of enthusiasm for teaching.  His track record is strong an [...] Read More »

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Terps Hire Mark Turgeon

It's unofficially official; but Texas A&M head basketball coach Mark Turgeon but several sources have confirmed that he just informed his assistants and players that he is the new head coach of the University of Maryland Men's Basketball Team. It's over, and frankly Terp fans should be thrilled.  Try to find anyone who knows anything a [...] Read More »

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Hey Kevin Anderson; Your Short List Should Have Anthony Grant On It.

It appears that Kevin Anderson and staff are out of ideas after being spurned by Sean Miller. The details of the fiasco have yet to be revealed; but suffice it to say that Terps Nation feels snake bitten. Not only has our legendary coach hung it up for good; but we go from hearing the media tell us how great a job Maryland is, to hearing that none [...] Read More »

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