Paterno Fired As An Entire Student Body Disgraces Itself

"I was just following orders" didn't work for the Nazis at Nuremburg just as "I notified my superiors 9 yrs ago" doesn't work today. 

That's the lens through which this scandal needs to be viewed.  Joe Paterno stood in silence for nearly a decade (at a minimum) while credible evidence existed that his long-time colleague had committed one of the most horrific crimes known to humanity.  While Paterno did notify authorities, his silence after the fact aided the University administration's decision to ignore the credible allegations against Jerry Sandusky.  If Paterno had stood up for the victims (and potential future victims) when he had the chance then he would have emerged from the scandal relatively unscathed. Instead, he chose the easy way out (silence) and his decision has resulted in his forever besmirched legacy.

The scene currently unfolding on the streets of State College, PA is absurd.  I hope it's more about idiotic college kids with no perspective on life mixed with a desire to appear on national TV.  Maybe they just wanted a chance to "live tweet" about the event.  Unfortunately, what these kids fail to realize is that the chanting about "Let Joe Stay" is going to look bad when viewed by the lens of history.  It's going to read like those 1960s racist Mississippians hurling epithets at young black students attending their college for the first time. 

True courage is forged at the moment when truth prevails against the most difficult circumstances.  JoePa had his moment and failed his test miserably. That is why he has been fired in disgrace and that is why history will look back on the scenes currently unfolding in State College as a black mark on the school and one that will garner nothing but disdain and disgust from the rest of the country.
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Football Program in DEEEEP Trouble

I know we have moved on from football for the most part, but my goodness. I know we have issues and I blame Edsall for most of it, but the end of the game was enough for me to lose any confidence I had in Edsall turning this program around (after he turned it the other way!) 3 minutes left... down by 3 scores.  Sure, a comeback would ta [...] Read More »

Author: Gregg | 11/5/2011 1:32:03 PM |

Northwood v Maryland: Inside The Box Score

Full disclosure:  I did not get to see the game on TV so I'm relegated to delving into the box score.  A couple of nuggets stick out: - Maryland turned the ball over 23 times.  Northwood turned it over 11 times. - Maryland shot 59% from the charity stripe (19-32) to Northwood's 81% (17-21) Those two statistics explain why the [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 11/4/2011 7:34:32 PM |

Men's Basketball Exhibition Thread

The Terps play their one and only exhibition game tonight.  More importantly, it's the only time we will get to see Alex Len until December 28th. I'm not sure what to expect because Turgeon has to prepare the team for the first part of the season.  However, I expect Turgeon knows where the fans heads are and will give us a bit of a sho [...] Read More »

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Alex Len To Be Cleared?

I am loathe to post any "breaking news" that comes via Twitter; but Jeff Barker is extremely reliable. See for yourselves: @sunjeffbarker Marynd (sic) center Alex Len expected to be cleared and be available to begin practicing for the depleted Terps basketball team as soon as today Obviously, this is wonderful news and it immedi [...] Read More »

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Some Basketball Analysis To Cheer You Up

Food for thought as you try to erase the memory of yet another awful performance by the football team... Let's take a look at the 2010 and 2011 rosters and try to make some projections about the season.  For comparison purposes, I picked the top 5 2010 player by points per game. 2010 C Jordan Williams F Dino Gregory G Cliff Tucker G [...] Read More »

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BC Game Thread

The 2-5 Terps welcome the 1-6 Eagles to the "The Sieve" today. In the world of college football; this game is as about irrelevant as it gets.  Few will watch the game in College Park. The poor attendance is mostly due to the woeful record the Terps bring to the game; but I hope part of the sparseness we'll see at the Sieve is due to [...] Read More »

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Pe'Shon Is Gone (for 12 weeks)

I go away to an all day training for work and this is what happens??? Obviously, losing Howard for 12 weeks from an already depleted roster is brutal.  If Alex Len misses significant time; then we will be battling the schedule with 7 scholarship players.  Ouch. Terp fans need some good news.  Alex Len elgibility?  Torian G [...] Read More »

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Alex Len Eligibility Part Deux

Alex Len tweeted on Friday night that he expects to hear from the clearinghouse today.  Let's hope the news is good.  I'm still licking my wounds from the most atrocious Ravens performance I've ever seen. I had trouble sleeping last night and that hasn't happened since the Cory Lucious shot. If Len is declared eligible or receives a mi [...] Read More »

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Start Danny O'Brien

OK.  The CJ Brown Experiment worked for 3 quarters.  It's over.  As we learned today, you can't build an offense around the QB sneak.  I know that 100+ years of football have already proven this fact; but apparently Randy "the Edsel" Edsall needed to learn this lesson the hard way. Seriously.  Think about it.&n [...] Read More »

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