Jerami Grant Decision Looming; Not Looking Good For MD

It's looking like Jerami Grant will announce his college choice tomorrow and it won't be Maryland or Rutgers.  It seems that Syracuse will be the pick.  Turtle Soup sources (read: DBR) are quoting sources from NY that are claiming the Orangemen will get Grant's services.  How's that for a rumor from a rumor. 

Well, I'm going with the story because it makes sense.  Having lost out on Layman, Syracuse has made a late play for Grant.  Perhaps Grant thought Syracuse was out of reach and now that they have come calling, he's going to accept the offer. 

Another possibility is that Amile Jefferson is close to considering MD and there just is not enough room on the roster for Layman, Grant, and Jefferson. Obviously, any AJ speculation is purely aspirational; but a guy can hope can't he?

Either way, look for an announcement tomorrow.
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Terps Fight Through Mistakes To Beat Canes 32-24

They gutted out a huge opening season victory in the face of a driving rainstorm in front of a sellout crowd on national television.  Take that sentence in.  Savor it. Sure, the Terps performance against Miami left much to be desired; but a win is a win.  Much will be made of the following: 1.  Miami was missing 8 of its be [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs Miami Gameday Thread

After the firing of the coach who saved the program, a less than exciting new coach, and a massive scandal ravaging an opponent; we're here.  It's game day. Rain is expected; but so is a sellout.  Getting 54,000 people into Byrd Stadium on Labor Day is no easy task and the University is to be commended for its efforts. Despite havi [...] Read More »

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Football Opener; Jerami Grant Watch

The football season is upon us and the Terps have themselves a showcase game at Byrd Stadium on Labor Day night.  The Miami Hurricanes come to town to play in front of nationally televised audience (ESPN).  The University has done a good job of selling tickets and there is a good chance the game will be a sellout.  That's no smal [...] Read More »

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The Olexiy Len Era Begins

As has been widely reported, the Terps have signed Ukranian phenom, Olexiy Len.  Len is somewhere between 6'11" and 7'2".  I'm not sure why there is a range; but I'm not complaining.  He recently average 16 points and 11 boards per game at the U18 FIBA Europe Championships.  That's the same Tournament where Hawk Pa [...] Read More »

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Cleare Analysis

Pardon the pun; but I could not resist.  Last week was just insane for me and I haven't had a minute to put my thoughts together on Shaq Cleare's commitment until now.  In full disclosure, I just took a new job about a month ago and I've taken on more responsibility and unfortunately, Turtle Soup has been a casualty.  At least it [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 8/28/2011 6:17:23 PM |

Shaq is a Terp!

I'm sure many of you have heard about it by now, but many sources have confirmed that Shaquille Cleare, the 4-star center verbally committed to the Terps today. While many of us expected it, it's so nice to see the new regime close on a big time guy and hopefully this starts the snowball rolling to one heck of a 2012 class. Nice job Bino for [...] Read More »

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Terps, Oops... Maryland Unveils New Jerseys

Say goodbye to the 'Terps', and say hello to 'Maryland'. Our new football jerseys were unveiled tonight in a fashion show on campus.  There are no more references to 'Terps' on the helmet or uniforms as we had heard in previous weeks and, in my opinion, most of the stuff is pretty cool. The black, white, and red jerseys are sharp and the [...] Read More »

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Terps Open Thread as Requested

Sorry folks for the delay in opening up a new thread. There has been a lot to talk about in the past week or so.  From the Miami situation, which makes Ohio State look like they got busted for jaywalking; to the fact that the Terps are likely in a no-win situation on Sept. 5.  If they win, they should have considering the Canes may be [...] Read More »

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Hawk Going Pro? Thin Gets Thinner

As if the Terps hoop team couldn't get much thinner, it looks like they will be losing another front court player as the Washington Times reported today that Hawk Palsson will be leaving school to pursue a pro career in Europe. As we know, Palsson played in the Under 20 European tournament in Sarajevo recently and after averaging over 20 pts. an [...] Read More »

Author: Gregg | 8/1/2011 3:04:11 PM |
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