Maryland Comeback Falls Short; Lose 21-16 To GT

The Terps played valiantly in the second half despite losing Andrew Gonnella for the season with a compound leg fracture. 

Edsall benched Danny O'Brien at the start of the second half and backup CJ Brown led the comeback.  Brown is a dynamic runner who demonstrated the ability to gain the edge and get downfield. 

Unfortunately, Brown is not that accurate of a passer.  Despite this obvious fact; Edsall felt that on the most crucial play of the game (4th and 8 down 5 in the 4th quarter); CJ Brown should throw a deep fade route that had a .001% chance of being completed.

Maryland could (should?) be 4-1.  Instead, the Terps are 2-3.  Perhaps, we can take solace in how the defense shut down the Yellow Jackets in the second half.  I don't like moral victories. They are for losers.

Now, the Terps have a QB controversy on their hands.  I still think Danny O'Brien should be the starting QB; but it is hard to argue that he is an effective player right now.  He's either forgotten how to read a defense or Edsall has him so confused that he doesn't know what he is doing.  Whatever it is; O'Brien needs to figure something out.

5 games into the season, and the Terps are on their heels.  They have not lived up to expectations and the fault for that lies at the feet of Randy Edsall.  I'm confident that Maryland would be a bowl team if Ralph Friedgen were still the coach.  Under Edsall, not so much.  I suppose I'm still bitter at the way Fridge was ushered out, and AD Kevin Anderson failed to bring in an exciting coach; but the first 5 games have only hardened my opinion.

I'm not ready to give up the season; but the Terps must beat Clemson or FSU over the next two weeks to have a chance at turning the season around.  FSU looks awful.  Clemson does not.  We get Clemson first.  Let's see if Edsall can right the ship by next weekend.
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Maryland vs. #13 Georgia Tech

Maryland plays Georgia Tech today and it doesn't look good.  Despite the fact the Terps once vaunted offense has sputtered; the bigger problem appears to be the swiss cheese defense. Georgia Tech possesses one of the best rushing attacks in college football and Maryland's defense had trouble stopping Towson last weekend.  It's like [...] Read More »

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Maryland - Towson Thread

Can you feel the excitement leading up to tomorrow's titillating Maryland - Towson game?  Me either. Who cares about these kind of games anyway.  All major conference schools do it and aside from the odd Appalachian State v Michigan or Middle Tennessee State v Maryland (twice!); these games are boring and offer no upside for the big sc [...] Read More »

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Temple Rolls Over Terps

It must have felt like old times for Randy Edsall this afternoon.  He got hammered by a non-BCS school.  When UConn entered Division I (or FBS or whatever 3 letter acronym they go by now); drubbings by D-I also-rans were routine.  Unfortunately for Edsall and Terp fans these kind of performances are totally unacceptable.  Th [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs Temple Thread

The Terps host a quality Temple team today.  Temple gave Penn State all it could handle last week before falling short, so expect the Terps to be grinding all day. Still, a loss would be disastrous.  The Terps whiffed on a massive opportunity last weekend against WVU and a loss today will foul all of the high hopes fans had going into [...] Read More »

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Christian Sanders Commits To Stanford

The headline says it all.  The Terps have lost 3-star combo guard to Stanford.  Sanders is a sharpshooter, so in my humble opinion, he's an asset on any team.  The Terps have not exactly been "lights out" from beyond the arc, so it hurts to lose a kid who can shoot well. On the flip side, Maryland is loaded at guard and [...] Read More »

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West Virginia Recap and Meet Charles Mitchell

Yesterday's loss was brutal.  It was brutal because the Terps valiantly fought back from 24 points down only to have our best player throw an AWFUL pick to end the game. Sure, there are plenty of positives to take away from the game (defense played well in the second half, Terps ran the ball well and moved down the field with ease of the l [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs West Virginia Game Thread

The Terps head into to today's pivotal tilt with the Mountaineers a bit underhanded.  As has been widely reported; the Terps will be without their top two wideouts.  Messrs. Tyler and McCree have been suspended indefinitely. Will the offense click with the same precision?  It had better if the Terps are to beat the #18 team in the [...] Read More »

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DJ Adams Reinstated; WRs Tyler And McCree Out Indefinitely

DJ Adams was reinstated from his one game suspension today.  Therein lies the good news.  The bad news is that WRs Ronnie Tyler and Quintin McCree have been suspended indefinitely from the team. Tyler and McCree totaled 13 catches against Miami (6 and 7 respectively) so this is a major loss.  Tyler is charged with assaulting a pol [...] Read More »

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Remaining Class of 2012 Wish List

With Jake Layman on board and Jerami Grant officially out of the picture; the Terps recruiting class of 2012 is starting to come into focus. Maryland's remaining wish list is a short one: 1A - Mitch McGary. 1B - Amile Jefferson McGary and Jefferson would elevate the Terps into the stratosphere.  Each possess a unique skill set that wou [...] Read More »

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