Terps Hold On For Big Win Against Notre Dame

I get it.  Notre Dame ain't what she used to be; but the Terps just beat a Big East team today-- with 6 active scholarship players.  Think about that.

Ashton Pankey played exactly one minute and spent the rest of the afternoon in Turgeon's doghouse.  That left Stoglin, Weijs, Faust, Parker, Mosley, and Padgett to carry the load.  Carry the load they did. 

Stoglin and Mosley were masterful as Padgett, Weijs, and Parker (yes, Parker) controlled the glass. 

The team is coming together. Stoglin's natural scoring talent is really starting to emerge and he's helping to create opportunities for the other guys.

Padgett has added low post moves to his repertoire and even Weijs showed some life offensively.  In three more games, the Terps will have Alex Len and his 7'2 frame to lean on and that will hopefully turn the Terps into an defensive force.

Pe'shon Howard should follow shortly after and all of a sudden the Terps could look like a complete team.

At 4-3, the Terps have exceeded expectations.  Most pundits thought the Terps would go winless in Puerto Rico and lose the non-conference games to Notre Dame and Illinois.  Instead, the Terps are second half swoon away from beating both the Irish and the Illini.  Hard to believe.

No one is going to mistake the Terps as they are constructed right now for a contender; but the aforementioned cavalry (Len and Howard) are coming. Now, the Terps need to avoid a slip up against the cupcakes and the Terps will be 10-3 heading in to the ACC season. 

When was the last time you were happy with Maryland's non-conference performance?  I realize that expectations are low this year compared to year's past; but Gary Williams teams always seemed to disappoint early on.  Remember getting swept out of Maui during Greivis' senior season?

The Terps still have to actually WIN the next 6 games; but they should be favored in every game.  I'm sure their RPI will be terrible, but who cares.  Wins are wins and the Terps will have 16 ACC games to build a resume.

They'll like play those games with 9 scholarship players.  If so, Turgeon's troops will have a fighting chance at the Big Dance.
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Terps Tackle Irish - Preview And Thread

Terps played tough but ultimately fell short against Illinois during the week.  Now another big non-conference opponent comes to DC to take on the Terps.  The Irish are not Illinois.  In fact, Notre Dame has looked poor against quality teams this year. To wit, Missouri and Gonzaga have beaten Notre Dame by a combined 59 points (8 [...] Read More »

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Terps Squander Chance With Flat 2nd Half

Tonight the Terps played a great first half.  Dare I say it, they dominated for most of it. Everyone was contributing and the Terps looked good in the offensive set.  It all fell apart in the second half.  I'm sure that Bruce Webber and the Illini made good adjustments, but Coach Turgeon has to be disappointed that the Terps regr [...] Read More »

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Terps vs Illinois Primer and Thread

I'll be in the air tomorrow, so I need to get this thread up now.  Here's the deal:  I live in Illinois.  I have nothing against the Illini or their fans, but I'd really like to win this game.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like our Terps are capable of competing against high-major teams.  I hope I'm wrong, but the Ter [...] Read More »

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Open Letter To Randy Edsall

Dear Coach Edsall: As an alumnus and lifelong fan of the University of Maryland Athletics program; I implore you to do the right thing and resign effective immediately.  Today's collapse against NC State represents a new low for program. It's also the fourth or fifth "new low" the program has witnessed since your arrival.  [...] Read More »

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Maryland v Florida Gulf Coast Thread

Florida Gulf Coast comes to College Park as a warm-up opponent. With big games against Illinois and Notre Dame on the horizon, Coach Turgeon is likely looking at tonight's contest as a means to gauge the team's progress. As San Juan painfully demonstrated, the Terps are far from being a dependable team on either end of the floor.  They are [...] Read More »

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Terps v Iona Thread

The Terps face Iona in a decisive tilt that will determine if Puerto Rico was kind to Maryland.  The Terps do not do well in early season Tournaments.  In the waning years of Gary Williams tenure; the Terps routinely lost 2 of the 3 games.  In the dawn of the Turgeon era, a vs Iona is all that stands in the way of a 2-1 trip. It w [...] Read More »

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Stoglin Leads Terps To Victory Over Buffs

In what was easily his finest performance as a Terp; Terrell Stoglin willed the Terps to victory this evening over the University of Colorado.  Despite being saddled with four fouls early in the second half; Stoglin closed out the Buffs with a lethal combination of threes and deft drives to the hoop. Mosley kept the Terps in it early on wit [...] Read More »

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Terps-Colorado Thread

Could it really be any worse than yesterday?  Could we shoot that bad again?  I doubt it.  I am hoping it was the excitement of the game in an empty gym in Puerto Rico that caused our Terps to look like a group of pick-up players that never played together before. Today is a day to forget about what happened against Alabama [...] Read More »

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Two Made Jump Shots

Wow.  That was some shooting display.  Outside of Sean Mosley's desperation three at the end of the half and Nick Faust's fadeaway in garbage time; the Terps only hit layups.  That's not to say that they hit many of them. The Terps shot 26% from the field and 56% from the charity stripe. No Terp scored in double figures. I realiz [...] Read More »

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