Some Basketball Analysis To Cheer You Up

Food for thought as you try to erase the memory of yet another awful performance by the football team...

Let's take a look at the 2010 and 2011 rosters and try to make some projections about the season.  For comparison purposes, I picked the top 5 2010 player by points per game.

C Jordan Williams
F Dino Gregory
G Cliff Tucker
G Terrell Stoglin
G Adrian Bowie

2011 (Projected)
C Alex Len
F James Padgett
G Nick Faust
G Terrell Stoglin
G Sean Mosley

Let's take a look at the two squads position by position

2010 Adrian Bowie vs. 2011 Sean Mosley  - Mosley is the glue guy that every team needs.  What he lacks in scoring, he makes up for with defense and leadership.  He's better than Bowie in every way minus the jump shot.  What's more, Mosley is surely better than his 2010 self.  Advantage: 2011

2010 Terrell Stoglin vs 2011 Terrell Stoglin
- It's well documented that the biggest leap a player makes while in college is from his freshman year to his sophomore year.  Stoglin was one of the best freshman in the ACC and he is sure to be one of the top scorers in the conference this season.  Advantage 2011

2010 Cliff Tucker vs. 2011 Nick Faust
- Cliff Tucker did less with more than just about any Terp player in recent memory.  Nick Faust dominated the scrimmage today and has impressed everyone who has seen him play.  I watched in person at an All-Star game in Chicago last year and he was clearly a top player.  He will be one of the best freshman in the ACC this year. Advantage 2011

2010 Dino Gregory vs. 2011 James Padgett
- First of all, Padgett may not even start.  It could be Pankey or Weijs for all we know.  In fact, the big news out of the scrimmage today is that Weijs had 13 points.  The truth is that it is likely to be a three-pronged approach from the 4 position all season. Regardless of who plays, it is safe to say that, as fans, we will miss Dino Gregory.  Advantage 2010

2010 Jordan Williams vs. 2011 Alex Len
- This is impossible to say since we've only had a small taste of Len's ability.  However, it is a tall order to expect him to eat up 16pts and 11rbs per game.  Even so, Len's talent and size are salivating.  I do believe he can deliver the same rebounding numbers and I'm inclined to think that he could get close to 10 points per game as well.  Defensively, he's almost assuredly an upgrade over Jordan.  I'm an optimist, so it's a lot closer in my heart that it probably is in reality.  As such I give the nod to Williams.  Advantage 2010

Of course, all of this is predicated on Alex Len obtaining eligibility, but I think that the 2011 starters will likely be better than last year's squad.  Pretty remarkable considering how many folks are throwing in the towel before the Terps have played one game. 

If Len plays, we'll be so much better than people think.

Author: Jeremy | 10/29/2011 6:54:57 PM |

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Author: Jeremy | 10/25/2011 7:25:01 AM | Tags: alex len, ncaa clearinghouse |

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Author: Jeremy | 10/14/2011 1:27:49 PM | Tags: midnight madness, basketball |
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