Pe'Shon Howard Out For Year With Torn ACL

The headline says it all.  Jeff Ermann is reporting that Howard is out for the year.  That's about the worst news the Terps could get heading into tomorrow's Duke game.

This is terrible news for a great kid like Pe'Shon who's already fought back from injury once this year. 

I've been saying for weeks that the Terps have serious point guard problems to solve this offseason and now the situation just got worse.  Howard is likely not going to be able to rehab until late summer at the earliest.  What's more he's not an ideal ball handler and the Terps have no real back up for him.    

I can't imagine Turgeon going back to Faust at the point, but what are his options?  I think Stoglin is a better ball handler and he will match up with the PG on defense anyway.  Give him the rock.  Maybe he'll be less of a gunner if he starts the possession with the ball in hands.

This is a disastrous situation that will be made worse if the Terps don't sign a legit ball distributor soon. Does anyone know of any PGs the coaching staff is talking to (JuCo or prep)?

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Stefon Diggs Announcement Thread

 Stefon Diggs, the 5th highest ranked football recruit in the nation is making his college choice public today at Looney's in College Park at 6pm this evening. All signs point to either Florida or Maryland as the choice.  Can you imagine, if he came to College Park and went with Florida.  That would be some kick in the balls, huh?&n [...] Read More »

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Terps Nab Elusive Road Win Vs Tigers

It finally happened for the first time in eight games.  The Terps pulled one off on the road.  Although, before the buzzer, our Jeckyl and Hyde Terps were at it again.  Over the final eight minutes, the Terps gave away a 14 point lead.  Clemson had a shot to win it at the end.  Unbelievable.  I can't figure this te [...] Read More »

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Clemson Game Thread

Here we go again.  Another winnable road test for the Terps.  Our young Terps have been able to hang in with just about everyone they've played over the last month.  Unfortunately, they've come away with only one win.  That must change tonight if the Terps will harbor any hopes of the postseason (that includes NIT).  [...] Read More »

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Terps To Entertain Carolina

Surely, today's game at Comcast is the last chance the Terps have to get a signature win. The road in the ACC has proven quite treacherous for the Terps and I expect it will continue to be.  Comcast, on the other hand, has seen the best of what the Terps have to offer.  If we discount the early season under manned loss to Illinois; the Te [...] Read More »

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Refs Steal Game Away From Terps

 OK.  The headline belies reality somewhat.  Terps squandered chances in the second OT but I don't care.  You've got two teams who played their heart out and the referees were not up to the challenge of the moment. The second OT opened with a clear and blatant offensive goaltending call yet the whistle did not blow.  Th [...] Read More »

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Miami Q&A and Game Thread

 I'm reprising the oft-used blogger Q&A exchange for the Terps upcoming tilt in Miami tomorrow.  The good folks at the excellently-named Category6 have asked me a few questions about our Terps and I've returned the favor by asking them a few of my own about the Hurricanes.  We'll start with my questions to them and end with my an [...] Read More »

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Terps Host Virginia Tech

 The Terps have just finished a brutal three-game stretch and came up empty handed.  Not a pelt to speak of.  There were some encouraging moments and some discouraging ones.  Terps hung in against FSU, Temple, and Duke.  In fact, most of those games were close to even with 10 minutes left to play. The Terps collapsed ea [...] Read More »

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DUKE Q&A and Game Thread

 This is the least emotionally ready that I have been for a Maryland-Duke that I've been in years.  I have an emotional hangover from the brutal stomach-punch loss my Ravens took on Sunday plus I'm frustrated with the Terps recent play.  The Temple game left me deflated.  So, I'm trying something a little different.  Th [...] Read More »

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Gary Reflects

Courtesy of the Washington Post, I thought I would reprint an except of a recent Gary Williams radio interview.  There is more on the Post's website, but I thought his reflection on the Michigan State loss in 2010 was pretty interesting! “A lot of teams lose during the year, but you can’t lose during the tournament,” Williams said. The l [...] Read More »

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