Lax Championship Thread

I know precious little about Lacrosse; but I do have a rooting hierarchy.  Obviously, the Terps come first, forever and always.  After that, I root for Maryland-based schools in reverse order of their tradition of success.  As such, I root for Loyola over Hopkins and Navy and they give UMBC and Towson a run for their money too.  Yet, despite my allegiance to Maryland schools; I care little for any of them when they stand in the Terps' way.

Maryland has a chance to hoist a trophy for the first time in 37 years tomorrow. Loyola may be the highest rated team in the country; but these Terps have been here before and they seem to be on a mission.  The game won't be an easy one; but my money is on the Terps.


While we are here, I've picked up a couple of Twitter rumors over the weekend.
1. The Harrison twins are planning to announce their choice of school at the Maryland - Kentucky game @ the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn this November.  The Terps are still a long shot, but we are still in the game.
2.  Demonte Dodd got noticed this weekend at an AAU Tournament in St. Louis.  Both Dave Telep and Evan Daniels raved about him on Twitter.  Phrases like "he's got all the tools", and "mobile and can board it" peppered their statements on the subject.  See for yourself

Now Dodd may enroll in prep school for a year, but methinks that Turgeon could possibly use him right away.  Why Not?

Anyway.  Go Terps! Beat the Hounds!

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Maryland Becomes Boise State East

Get a good look at that, folks.  It could be the what you see when you walk into Byrd Stadium come September.  Nevermind that the product on this field is likely to compete 30% of its passes; we have new fancy artificial turf field. There is a fine line between being avant-garde and a laughingstock.  Personally, I don't think the [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 5/26/2012 7:53:07 AM | Tags: new field, football |

Logan Aronhalt Transfer To Maryland

University of Albany shooting guard Logan Aronhalt has transferred to the Maryland.  He's entering as a grad student and thus will be eligible right away.  Aronhalt is sharpshooter who has consistently hit 35% of his threes the last two seasons.  He's 6'3" and will definitely help with scoring. The Terps desperately need pro [...] Read More »

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NU Wildcats?

As the only BCS conference member still waiting to dance, Northwestern University's Wildcats (NU) may look like a cupcake B10 matchup come November. But with 4 straight NIT appearances maaaybe they're worth a second look. Coach Bill Carmody, former Princeton coach, has 13 seasons under his belt with mostly forgettable results(until recently). NU h [...] Read More »

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Pankey Is Gone Too

Ashton Pankey just tweeted that he is also leaving the University.  Pankey is the third player to transfer in the last month.  While Stoglin (I'm still smarting) and Parker left because they prefer ganja to basketball; Pankey's decision seems to be related more to family issues.  Future playing time may have also been a considera [...] Read More »

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Terrell Stoglin Leaves Maryland

It's a bombshell, and seemingly out of leftfield; but it's true.  Terrell Stoglin is leaving the University of Maryland after two seasons.  Apparently, he never bought into Turgeon's system and the coach's view for their future together. The result is that Stoglin has been encouraged to leave the program.  It's shocking, but Mark [...] Read More »

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Sam Cassell Jr Re-ups With Maryland

It's a great day for Maryland as Sam Cassell Jr made it official before the tipoff of the Capitol Classic this evening.  Turgeon will now have s 7 new players suiting up for Midnight Madness.   Smotrycz won't play during the season but the rest will.  I expect Sam Jr to play a big role.  His improved dramatically each y [...] Read More »

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Michigan Transfer Evan Smotrycz To Take Official Visit To Maryland

 Apparently, Michigan sophomore starting forward Evan Smotrycz is fed up with UM that he wants to transfer to UM.  Smotrycz (no idea how to pronounce his name) helped lead Michigan to the NCAA Tournament this year.  He averaged 7.7ppg, shot 43% 3PT and nabbed 4.9rpg.  He's narrowed his choices to Maryland, Providence, and Colora [...] Read More »

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Calipari to NBA?

Let's hope the rumors and speculation are true about Calipari's future endeavors.  If he moves to the NBA, (I've even heard a rumor that if the Wizards get the #1 pick and select Anthony Davis; Calipari will bolt to reunite with the aforementioned Davis and former UK phenom, John Wall) the Terps will benefit greatly. Since it's widely known t [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 4/4/2012 12:06:15 PM |

Sam Cassell's Dad Sucks

 Junior decommitted.  I blame his Dad.  That is all. [...] Read More »

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