Roddy Peters Decision Thread

Fresh off an in-home visit from Dalonte Hill and Mark Turgeon, the #3 ranked PG (#47 overall) will announce his decision tomorrow.  Maryland, and Xavier are the favorites to land his services.

In terms of a booby prize for not getting the Harrison, Peters would be amazing.  We all know that the Harrisons were "one and done" guys so it begs the question:  would you rather have one year of the Harrison or 2-4 years of Roddy Peters?  There's no right answer there but I like my point guards to have multiple years in the offense.  That tends to maximize their decision making ability and helps the team's efficiency. 

The bottom line is that getting Roddy Peters would put a stamp on the class of 2013 and definitively state that 2012 was no fluke.  It would also be Dalonte Hill's first big get from DC Assault which is an essential pipeline for the Terps to tap into as we rebuild.

The decision is at 9AM.  Good luck Terp fans.

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Terps Hold On Against Virginia, 27-20

The Terps started brightly only to muddle through a weak 2nd and 3rd quarter; but they held on and play well in the 4th quarter for a huge ACC road win.  Maryland is firmly ensconced in sole possession of first place in the ACC standings. Granted, we are in mid-October but at 4-2, I can actually see my way to an 8-4 record.  It's not a [...] Read More »

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Maryland - UVA Gameday Thread

Despite all the bluster of the Duke - UNC rivalry; I've always believed that the ACC never really had rivalries in the same way other conferences do.  To me, every team is a rival.  I don't particularly want to beat Georgia Tech anymore than I want to beat Clemson.  However, if Maryland has a rival; its UVA.  Charlottesville [...] Read More »

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Terps Edge Wake In Uninspiring Victory 19-14

A few quick observations: The Offensive Line is awful.  The routinely get blown up on the line of scrimmage on run plays and miss assignments on passing plays.  It's really ugly Maryland's defense is borderline elite.  Seriously.  Wake is a decimated team but they did nothing outside of the first play of the game.  If [...] Read More »

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Wake Forest Beckons

This is a big sports weekend for anyone from Baltimore.  The Orioles will be playing in their first playoff game in 15 years.  While that in and of itself is notable; what's more interesting is how the Orioles got to this point.  At 93-69, the 2012 Orioles have turned in one of the best seasons the franchise has had in 30 years and t [...] Read More »

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Maryland Just Got LeBroned By The Harrisons

Jesus, what the fuck was that? Why even pretend to include a school like Maryland in the decision process when all along you were planning on attending the NBA Lottery Factory?  I'm not even upset that they chose Kentucky, I'm just pissed that Maryland was led on like that.  Kentucky is an easy choice and the rationale obvious.  I [...] Read More »

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Harrison Twins To Announce Decision This Thursday

ESPNU this Thursday at 5ET will be Must-See-TV for Terp and Kentucky Wildcat fans as the coveted Harrison Twins will announce their decision live on the air. For Terp fans, this has been a 24 month saga.  The Terps were once one of nine schools in the consideration set. Now it's down to two. One, just so happens to be the root of all evil i [...] Read More »

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Earl Badu Has Died

I can't get confirmation outside of Twitter; but it seems pretty clear that Earl Badu has passed away. For those who don't know, and honestly, how could you be reading this site if you don't; Badu was a beloved walkon who played on the Terps 2002 Championship team.  I'm not going to speculate on the cause of death; but 32 years of age is w [...] Read More »

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West Virginia Game Thread

I am shortly boarding a plane for 8 hours and I'm not going to have time to do a full analysis of tomorrow's game.   Suffice it to say that the Terps will have their hands full with the 8th ranked team in the nation.  In particular, the Mountaineer offense will pose a stiff challenge.  The Terps defense has been relatively stout s [...] Read More »

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UConn Thread

The Edsall Bowl.  There are only two states in the Union that care about this matchup tomorrow.  We just happen to go to school in one of them.  For the Terps, tomorrow's game represents the opportunity to get to an improbable 3-0.  In the Terps way is an offensively challenged UConn squad.  NC State barely escaped thei [...] Read More »

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