ACC Opener: VaTech vs Maryland

We are finally here Terp fans! Turgeon and crew are set to tip off at Noon ET tomorrow.  

Virginia Tech poses an interesting test.  They have some nice wins (Ok St) and some perplexing losses (Georgia Southern). The Hokies sport the leading scorer in the ACC (Erick Green) but lack depth.  They remind me of last year's Terps squad.  Remember, when four guys would just stand around while Stoglin dribbled and then jacked up an off-balance shot?  Not good times. 

Still, the Terps haven't played a quality opponent in over a month and the Hokies are arguably the best team Maryland has played since the first game of the year against Kentucky.

Most folks believe that Turgeon has put together a really good team. It's finally time to start proving it.  I expect the Terps to play even with the Hokies for a half and then our superior depth will begin to wear on them.  

I think Wells and Len have huge days but the lead gets extended when our second team is in.  Guys like Chuck Mitchell and Shaq Cleare will dominate VT's second team.  In the end, I think the Terps win going away. 78-66.

One thing to note:  a Smith School MBA alum has started a new business called Lets Move Down. The Maryland Athletic Dept has partnered with them (press release: Here's a synopsis of the company:

"LetsMoveDown revolutionizes the fan experience during a sports game byproviding in-game seating upgrades and exclusive rewards directly to iOS orAndroid supported mobile devices.

"Fans can use LetsMoveDown's free app to view, bid on and purchase better seats during the game.  LetsMoveDown’s in-game pricing algorithm adjusts the price of upgrade tickets based on the game clock, score and other variables to provide the best value for an upgrade seat.

"With LetsMoveDown, you can also sell your tickets to other fans AFTER the game has started! No more throwing away unusable tickets or feeling guilty about leaving an empty seat in the arena. Simply use the free LetsMoveDown app to scan the barcodes on your tickets and allow another fan at the game to buy your seats from you! Your seat gets used by an appreciative fan and you get paid for your tickets.

"LetsMoveDown's free app focuses on giving fans the ultimate experience at sporting events and helps make sure that the best seats go to the best fans."

If you are going to the game and interested in checking out the app, you can download it here:

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Maryland vs IUPUI

I can't recall the last time that Maryland played a game on New Year's Day.  I thought there was an unwritten rule that the holiday was reserved exclusively for football.  I guess that has deteriorated now that the good bowl games all happen after the first of the year.  No matter.  Today's Terps game shouldn't be too exciting.& [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs Delaware State

The Cupcake Parade continues.  I'm sure that the team feels like we do and are ready to get the real season underway.  Alas, we have two more of these games left.  Delaware St. may be the worst of all the teams we play.  The Terps are coming off a lackluster second half against a game Stonybrook squad.  Coach Turgeon wi [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs Stonybrook

They're baaaaaaack! the Terps are finally back tonight after the annual Finals Week lay off.  It's been a pretty successful week considering that the Terps have moved up more that 20 spots in the most recent RPI rating.  Maryland now sits at #35. That's great for a team that hasn't beaten a ranked opponent (or played one) all year. &nb [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs Monmouth

Jeez, these cupcake games are getting tedious.  We are all anxious to see how this team will fare against real competition.  We got a taste of it vs. Northwestern and George Mason but it remains to be seen how good those two teams actually are.  Tonight we play Monmouth who sucks. Turgeon will likely go back to his regular starti [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs South Carolina St Thread

It's cupcake season in College Park and the 7-1 Terps are making the most of it.  Coach Turgeon tinkered with his lineup against UMES and he indicated that he would do the same today.  With a team as deep as the one Turgeon has, why not?  It's fair to say that this team's second five could have beaten last year's starters.  [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs UMES Thread

Man, this game crept up on me. I'm still at work! This is the first of a huge string of cupcakes that will take us into the ACC Season.  UMES might be the worst of the them all.  If you were looking for a 30+ point win, this could be it.  As per usual, we'll be watching and hoping for someone not named Logan Aronhalt to show s [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs George Mason Game Thread

The Terps take on George Mason in the 17th and perhaps last BB&T Classic tomorrow.  I say last because Coach Turgeon indicated in an interview that this may be Maryland's finale in the local game.  He points to the lack of attendance as one reason.  Turgeon put words to an incredibly disturbing trend.  Where are our fans?&nb [...] Read More »

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Post Game Thoughts - MD v NU

I'm late getting to this due to some client responsibilities last night but I did want to put down a few thoughts about the game on Tuesday. - Welsh-Ryan Arena is wonderful and horrible at the same time.  Wonderful: There is not a bad seat in the house.  Horrible:  The seats are mostly wooden bleachers and it looks like you push i [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs Northwestern - ACC v B1G Challenge

It's a Turtle Soup Reunion / Road Trip! Both Gregg and I will be in attendance in the gorgeous Welsh-Ryan Arena.  This will be my first look at this year's squad.  All I know about Northwestern is that their arena sucks and they run the Princeton offense.  They are also undefeated.  I would expect that only one team will [...] Read More »

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