Marylands Tips Off Basketball Season In Style Vs Kenucky Tonight

What a night we have in front of us!  Win or lose, blowout or close game, it is just great to be on the national stage again.  What's more, the Terps get to debut their new prized guard Dezmine Wells not to mention the Brooklyn-esque gray faux flannel uniforms. 

Fresh off being cleared by the NCAA, Wells instantly becomes one of the team's best offensive options.  The Terps are now likely to go with a three-guard set (Wells, Faust, Howard) with SF Jake Layman taking a seat on the bench to make room for Dez.

I feel infinitely better about the Terps offensively with Wells in the lineup.  He's a proven scorer with NCAA Tournament experience (something no one else on the roster possesses) and he is top flight athletic talent.  With Wells and Faust in the backcourt, the Terps will ooze athleticism.  Will it be enough to compete with Kentucky, remains to be seen.

In the front court, the Terps have bodies.  Len is the shot blocker and the puu puu platter of Padgett, Shaq Cleare, and Chuck Mitchell should hold their own on the boards.

On the bench, I expect the aforementioned Layman and Seth Allen to provide a needed offensive spark when called upon.

As ALWAYS, for Maryland to have a chance, they will need to limit turnovers, hit free throws, and rebound the ball.  If they do that, they'll be in it to the end.

It's crazy to say this, but if they somehow win this game, it will probably catapult the Terps into the Top 25.  What's more, it will serve a gigantic shitburger to the Harrison twins.  Boy, wouldn't that be glorious!

Go Terps

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