Maryland vs Duke

The Terps head to Cameron today to take on a Duke squad that is licking its wounds after a pasting vs. Miami earlier in the week.  That game should give the Terps encouragement.  Not only does it make Duke look beatable, but it also gives the Terps a better feeling about their loss to Miami.

That loss was one of the worst games I've ever watched, yet Maryland was in it the whole time.  We've all watched this team descend into a maddening morass of offensive inefficiency.  It's been inexplicable. Yet, they've only suffered one regrettable loss- FSU at home.  The road losses to Miami and UNC are respectable.  A loss to Duke today would be as well, but lets hope that's not a foregone conclusion.

The offense showed signs of life against BC.  Strangely, Maryland's best stretches came with Dez Wells at the point.  That demonstrates the depth of the problem that Turgeon is facing at the point.  Pe'Shon Howard's game has disintegrated and Faust doesn't have the handle or the vision to run the offense.  Allen is too raw and doesn't see the court well enough so the job may belong to Wells.

It's scary to think how many turnovers the Terps might have today in Cameron.  We've got 7 freshman or sophomores playing serious minutes and Duke always plays that harassing back court defense.  Throw in the screaming dorks from the stands and it could get ugly.

To win, Maryland will need to hit threes.  Aronhalt and Layman will need to knock down some shots to open things up for our big men and take some pressure off the half court offensive execution.  It wouldn't hurt to force a few turnovers either.  Maryland plays well in transition and we need all the easy baskets we can get.

I'm sure Turgeon has been devouring the film of the Duke/Miami game and I hope he's found a few nuggets to knock Duke off their heels.

Go Terps!

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Maryland vs BC

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Maryland vs NC State Thread

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Terps Crush Hokies, 94-71

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ACC Opener: VaTech vs Maryland

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