Post Game Thoughts - MD v NU

I'm late getting to this due to some client responsibilities last night but I did want to put down a few thoughts about the game on Tuesday.

- Welsh-Ryan Arena is wonderful and horrible at the same time.  Wonderful: There is not a bad seat in the house.  Horrible:  The seats are mostly wooden bleachers and it looks like you push in the bleachers and serve cafeteria lunch to the student body during the day.  It is easy to see why a school that is ostensibly the "Duke of the B1G" in terms of academics can't recruit.  The gym holds 6000 on good day.  I've never seen less traffic leaving a sporting event in my life.

- Terp fans were well represented.  There were easily over 200 fans at the game in red.  Gregg and I actually met at an off-campus bar with the Chicago Alumni Association and there were over 80 of us.  We took over the place.  It was amazing to see.  I actually joked with Gregg that there were more Terp fans at this game than at the Georgia Southern game in Comcast.

- I give credit to the Northwestern students for their spirit although chanting "tall and awkward" at Alex Len after he just swatted the EFF out of an NU jump shot, ran the floor and dunked on your player while getting fouled is a bit of a reach.

- Dez Wells is everything the Nick Faust isn't.  Dez is efficient, understands what the offense needs from him and he knows the difference between a good shot and a bad one.  Faust is great going to the rack but there is way too much chucking in his game and he is just not a good shooter.

- Logan Aronhalt needs more playing time.  He's clearly more developed than Jake Layman right now and frankly, he adds a dimension at the #2 spot that Faust can't.  I'm not saying that he should start over Faust, but let's be honest: Faust and Wells have overlapping skill sets and no one for years has shot the three at Maryland like Aronhalt can.  He makes Maryland extremely dangerous offensively.  With our rebounding prowess, and Dez's driving ability; I'm interested in seeing Aronhalt get reps with the first team.  His defense is borderline atrocious, but he is a difference maker and provides something that Faust can't.

- Cleare and Mitchell are beasts off the bench.  They are better rebounders than the starters and I think that because of this, our second team is going to win us a lot of games in the ACC because no one else is this deep.  This is part of the reason why we are such a good second half team.  We just wear teams down.

- Alex Len is an athlete. I saw him do things in the air that you just don't see out of seven footers.  During one sequence, he rebounded his own miss on the way down and put it back in the basket before landing.  Will Bowers he ain't.  We need to enjoy him this year because every 18 footer he hits from here on out might as well be worth one slot higher on the 2013 NBA Mock Draft board.

- Nothing has dissuaded me from my earlier prediction: the Terps will be 15-1 heading into the NC State game. 

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