Cosh Leaving; Blitzing May Happen in '09!

12/5/2008 8:17:26 PM Chris Cosh, Maryland’s third-year defensive coordinator, will leave to become Kansas State’s defensive coordinator and assistant head coach, his wife, Mary Cosh, said. A Maryland official said Cosh will not coach in the Terrapins bowl game.

Cosh is returning to Kansas State to work with Coach Bill Snyder, whom Cosh worked under as linebackers coach during the 2004 and 2005 seasons

-Washington Post

Well, most of us got our wish.

Like I've said in many posts, I have nothing against Chris Cosh and I appreciate all he did in the past few years in College Park. He ran his system. I am not a fan of his system, but he ran it and there were games where his decisions won us games. (Like Clemson this year).

However, I'm very happy as a Maryland fan that we are going to get a new defensive coordinator. Like I said last week, this team has to get back to being aggressive and not passive. The defense needs to go after people and make things happen, not give up yards and hope to force teams into field goal tries.

Cosh supporters will say the Terps went to 3 straight bowl games under Cosh after two straight 5-6 seasons before he came to town. However, one would argue that the defenses in the '04 and '05 seasons were much better than the ones in the past few years and the offense was the reason we did not make it to a bowl game in those years. Either way, I think it was time for a change. Recruits would much rather play in an aggressive scheme than a passive one.

The hire for the next D coordinator is a big one. We need a guy who is a good recruiter and one who can take our team to the next level. This is a chance to have a much better team and here's hoping the make a good hire.

Thanks for your efforts Chris Cosh, and best of luck back at K State.
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