CJ Brown Is Out For The Year Thread

8/16/2012 9:04:31 PM CJ Brown decided to end his season with a knee injury right about the same time that I was in back-to-back-to-back client meetings followed by an evening event in Minneapolis so I apologize for the late thread. 

It's a big blow to the program considering Edsall clearly was building the offense around Brown's skill set.  That said, my reaction was more like "Meh" than like "Oh no! What are we going to do????"

I mean, let's be honest here.  Were you really looking forward to Brown one-hopping passes to receivers on third and eights 5 times a game?  Me either.  The Terps clearly had a ceiling with CJ Brown at QB.  Any team that could effectively keep him in the pocket would beat Maryland.  CJ has dreadful accuracy and that makes for a sub-optimal rooting experience.

Besides, the last time the Terps had to go with a freshman QB (granted, a redshirt), things turned out OK.  Now, we have our choice of two:  Perry Hills and Caleb Rowe.  Both guys belong in the QB Name Hall Of Fame if you ask me.

Hills comes to us from Pittsburgh Catholic High School which has famous alumni like Dan Marino and Mark Bulger.  I'm not saying that Hills is destined for greatness but they know how to hone quarterbacks at Pittsburgh Catholic. Regardless, after Hills' career is over, I'm rooting for him to move to Baltimore.  If that happens, he will have to move to Perry Hall and start calling into sports radio shows.  Then, Nestor Aparicio will have to say things like "Perry Hills from Perry Hall is on the line".  This needs to happen.

Caleb has a more pedestrian pedigree coming to us from Blue Ridge, SC.  I don't know much about Rowe other than he is considered a pro-style QB.  Frankly, I'll be happy if either guy can complete a 10 yard pass with consistency.

The bottom line is that anyone who pays attention to Maryland football knew going into the season that the QB position was at best, a question mark, at worst a weakness.  In fact, I had even money on one of these guys starting by the 5th game of the season anyway. So in the final analysis, we are just getting an early look at guys who were likely to finish the season as starters.

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