Choke Job

3/8/2007 7:51:39 PM I'm pissed. Mostly because they displayed no effort. But I am also pissed because I wanted to watch basketball this weekend. Now? Ugh.

This is a bad loss. Real bad. Miami is terrible. The Terps fell short in just about every "hustle" category. Rebounding, second chance points (related), and turnovers. Don't even get me started about the free throw shooting.

We shot 3-18 from three. That is about 8 too many. We win by pounding it inside. There is no other way. Even when we are trailing, we need to stick with the game plan.

This is what happens when the team isn't ready to play. Who is to blame? The players, obviously. Clearly, they felt as though they had earned a bye and could just waltz through this one. The problem is that the game can get away from you quickly can't it?

The Terps can come from behind. We have seen it this season. The wins against Illinois and UNC prove it. The difference between those games and today's loss was that the Terps played well throughout in the first two contests. Maryland willed a victory from two strong teams on those occassions. Today? There was no will.

So where are we? Are we #4 seed? #5 seed? #6 seed? Personally, I don't really care. We will have enough talent to beat our first round opponent regardless. Everything depends on what effect today's loss has on the psyche. Can they pick up the pieces and play like the way they closed the season? No one knows. Not even Gary Williams.

That is what scares me the most. The players are probably scared too. The worst part? We and the players have to wait a week to find out.
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