Calipari Goes For Three-peat

5/28/2010 7:01:21 PM "When you lay down with dogs; you get fleas."

That's has to be what Kentucky fans are thinking right now (UCONN fans too).  The NY Times (among other news outlets) are reporting that,  oops! Calipari did it again.  This time, the scrutiny surrounds one of his prized recruits, Eric Bledsoe.  Apparently, Eric turned into an academic Wunderkind during his senior and miraculously lifted his GPA high enough to qualify for UK.  Funny, how this stuff just always seems to happen under Calipari's watch.

Maybe now, the NCAA will finally do the right thing and ban this goon from coaching.  Given that this would be Calipari's third offense; it's not surprising that he is angling for a return to the NBA by packaging himself up with Lebron James (just say no, Lebron!).

It can't be more clear, but Calipari is the anti-Gary Williams.  Coach Cal succeeds specifically because he flouts the rules.  Gary succeeds in spite of them.

If the world is indeed just; coach Cal would find himself teaching rec league to 12-year old girls at the Memphis YMCA.  Instead, he will probably find a soft landing in the NBA, while Kentucky will be left with an NCAA investigation and possibly looming probation.
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