Buy A Terp Shield, Support An Alumni Business

7/23/2014 3:09:39 PM Folks, I'd like to introduce you to a Terp-run start-up called ShieldCo.  ShieldCo makes hand-crafted iron shields for homes, offices, rec rooms, etc.  You can find them here (

Here's a bit more info straight from the owners:

ShieldCo is offering free shipping until 1AUG.  code GOTERPS14. 

Here are some other unique things about our business, we come from a long line of Terps!

-UMD alum (2006) owned small business

-Great Grandfather was the first head football coach at UMD -

-veteran owned (I was a US Army Ranger) and donating back to veteran charities (Ranger Lead the Way Fund –

-brothers working together with father in MD. Come from a long line of metal artisans, father built the front gates for the Statue of Liberty

-creating high quality UMD related art

I hope you will support these guys.  They make a beautiful product and it will last a lifetime.

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