Bring on the Panic!

1/20/2011 8:53:31 PM
You're a broken record...GW rules! These kids are trying! Wait till next year! Try expressing one legitamate opinion.

Okay.  Bring it on.  I am so glad that I'm not like you Wowser, or LJT who just live to bash the kids, blame the greatest coach in the history of the University, and call for him to be fired. 

Put our record in the last 17 years up there with any school in the nation.  We aren't Duke/UNC/Kentucky, but it could be so, so, so much worse.  I know we all want the team to be good, but you gotta be realistic. 

Thursday night was a bad game.  A horribly frustrating game.  It exposed things this team must work on, but for not one second do I think that this one game proves that (and I'm taking this from a ton of the comments on the thread) EVERYONE ON THE TEAM EXCEPT JORDAN WILLIAMS AND KEITH BOOTH SUCK.

This team now is in a desperate place.  They will need to catch fire, win on the road, and finish the season with 9 wins in 10 games if we expect to make the tourney.  That's the way it is. 

Will I still be watching and rooting for them on Saturday afternoon?  Damn right.  It's a lot better than saying they all suck, then when they start playing better, jumping back on the bandwagon and talking shit. 

I'm as disappointed as any of you.  I've also watched a lot of sports, especially college basketball where I've seen young players have awful games and then have great careers.  Our freshmen haven't even played 20 games yet.  Give them a break. 

I know a lot of the comments on the thread were frustration from true fans, but I'm just sick of seeing the ones that are just made to piss people off. 

You think after what we just went through in the football program, that if they got rid of Gary, you think they'd get a big name that would be able to "walk that line" in recruiting?  I'm not confident in that.  Careful what you wish for.

I stand by my comments that this team will be very good by year's end.  Perhaps it'll be in the NIT, but I'm also confident we'll be ready to roll next year with a set rotation and everyone being on the same page. 

So, get over the one bad game we've had all season long and let's see if they can answer the bell on Saturday. 

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