Braxton Dupree To Transfer; What About Greivis?

4/22/2009 12:14:42 PM Rumors are being published across the web that some roster changes to the Terps squad are imminent.

With Gary Williams spending the first month of the offseason actively recruiting guys for next year; it was clear something had to give with the current Terps roster.  With no scholarships available, Gary needed to open one up.  Enter Braxton Dupree (or should I say" exit"?).

Ever since Braxton failed to demonstrate the requisite aggressiveness required to succeed in the ACC ; he has been rumored to be on his way out.  By all accounts, Braxton is a great kid and we all wish him success.  The word is that he will find a soft landing at either Tulane or Loyola (MD).  Not surprisingly, those two schools are coached by former Terp assistants (Dickerson and Patsos, respectively).

Perhaps more troubling than Braxton's departure is the continuation of Maryland's streak of fizzled out big men (Hassan Fofana, anyone?).  We need to go back to Chris Wilcox to find a Terp recruit who could dominate the paint.  Jordan Williams and James Padgett desperately need to stave off this disturbing trend.

As for our man Greivis; the rumor is that he will be making a decision to leave school as early as Thursday.  If this is true; I'm disappointed, but not angry.  I understand that Greivis has responsibilities that few of us can comprehend.   Venezuela is no paradise.  Its economy has struggled, it's leader has alienated many countries.  Greivis' family lives there.  Basketball has always been a way out.

One need only to view Greivis' Facebook profile to find the phrase, "yo quiero a mi familia mas que a mi mismo.... NBA".  That roughly translates to, "I want to get to the NBA for my family more than I want it for myself".  Who can argue with that?  Family comes first.  I want to thank Greivis for all of his work as a Terp.  He gave us unbelievable performances and great memories.  We will often wonder what could have been had he been given a better supporting cast.   We'll likely never know now.

As for what this all means to the Terps; it's hard to say.  We now have some room to bring in another impact recruit or two.  I haven't given up on Lance Stephenson and these announcements could pave the way for BR to enter the fold.  If that comes to bear; we are going to be ushered into the new world of college basketball.  Depending on BR's success; the Terps could start looking more like Memphis and less like real institution with academic integrity.

Our turtles are now swimming with sharks.
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