Born Ready Will Not Suit Up For Terps

6/15/2009 8:49:23 PM Reader, Mr. Cavendish (why the formality?) pointed out in the previous thread that the Baltimore Sun (fifth paragraph after the jump) is reporting that Maryland has ended its recruitment of Lance Stephenson aka Born Ready.

Terp Nation seemed to be divided 50/50 on whether or not we wanted Born Ready.  Personally, I was for it. It's been so long since Gary landed a bona fide blue chipper out of high school that I was excited more about what BR represented than what he would actually mean for us on the court.

Perhaps that was foolish; but we will never know what would have happened.  As of now, next year's Terps are currently one player short of a full roster.  It's possible that Gary will hold the scholarship for 2010; but I think other options may be afoot.

As I've documented in the past; the Terps were holding all the cards for getting Lance's services.  I'm guessing that the Terps must have had good reasons for abandoning the BR sweepstakes.   My sense is that we have not seen the last of the roster moves this summer.
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