Born Ready Commitment Thread

3/30/2009 11:17:42 AM Folks, I apologize for the slow loading times. It has been happening when the comment strings get too large. I'm starting a new thread anyway because we should be hearing some big news on Wednesday regarding the recruitment of Lance Stephenson aka Born Ready.

The smart money now seems to be on Kansas, although according to Zag's Blog most recent post on the subject; I'm not so convinced as to rationale.

The quoted source said "My guess is Kansas based on his canceling of the [college] announcement at [Madison Square] Garden and the fact that he wants to be able to have a chance to win a national championship.”

Well, he canceled that announcement the day after Maryland got into the Tournament. Maybe, he didn't want to overshadow that achievement? Maybe, getting in to the Dance gave Lance a reason to reconsider Maryland?

I'm using rose-colored glasses here; but the point is that I am not giving up until I hear the kid say "I'm going to be a Jayhawk".
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