Big Ten Semifinals

3/13/2015 10:05:20 PM It was a great night at the United Center.  The Terps didn't trail after the score was 13-10 Indiana early in the first half. In what has become this team's signature, the Terps kept Indiana at arms length but were never able to pull away until the final minute. 

Ken Pomeroy and the other basketball quants call this Terps team the luckiest in America.  It's laughable.  Last year, with no point guard and often forced to play from behind, Maryland finished 3-7 in games decided by less than 6 points.  This year, the Terps are 11-0.  Do you think a steady point guard who hits 90% of his FTs may have something to do with it? Or perhaps the fact that all but two of Maryland's close wins occurred when the Terps were protecting a lead as opposed to playing catch up?  The fact that these quants deem Maryland lucky is exactly why statistics are often misleading.  The Terps aren't lucky.  They are good.

You know who else is good? Michigan State.  My goodness did they look good last night.  They are big, athletic, and experienced in the backcourt.  They look much better than when we saw them in January.  They'll be out for revenge too so Maryland will have its hands full.  I expect another great effort from our big 3.  Beating a team 3 times is very hard but certainly not impossible or even unheard of. It happens.  One thing is for sure.  If the Terps do win, luck will have nothing to do with it.

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