Best Day For Terps Football In 2 Years

10/24/2010 12:00:00 AM Somehow, Maryland is 5-2 despite being out gained in all four of their FBS victories (by the way, when can we go back to calling it Division I?).  That's not exactly an awe-inspiring statistic; but a win is a win. 

How have the Terps done it?  It's simple. Maryland is winning the turnover battle and coming up with big defensive stops in the 4th quarter with eerie regularity. It is not exactly a formula that you can count on week in and week out; but so far it has worked phenomenally.
Despite our uncanny success; it's hard to not be a little frustrated. The coaching staff plays not to lose and the result is nail biter finishes that shouldn't be.  Franklin is so over matched that is actually painful to watch.

Yet, we are here.  5-2 with an eminently winnable game next week against Wake Forest and another "should be" win looming against UVA.  By all accounts, the Terps should be 7-3 heading in to their final two games against FSU and NC State (both at home).

It's hard to imagine the Terps in their current state winning either of those games; but we will be at home and anything can happen.  Somehow, we are in the hunt for the Coastal (or is it the Atlantic?) Division title. I can never remember which one we are in.

Today was also a good day because Navy whipped Notre Dame.  Notre Dame ain't what it used to be; but they almost beat Michigan State who beat Wisconsin who beat Ohio State.  By the transitive property, we could almost beat Ohio State.  Obviously, that is ridiculous; but it is nice to see Navy beating big time teams because it demonstrates that the Terps have the athletes to compete with anyone.

In the final analysis, today's win virtually insures that the Terps are going bowling.  After last seasons debacle, that is a successful season by any standard.

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