Beat BC Or Busted Bubble

2/11/2011 9:22:08 PM There is not a realistic scenario where the Terps can lose in Boston tomorrow and still make the Tournament.  Sure, they can lose; then catch fire and run the table.  Remember though that I said "realistic scenario".  If the Terps can't BC, they arent' winning at Tech and UNC.

As for the matchup, the Terps should beat the Eagles convincingly. The Terps are statistically dominant:

Maryland MARY 77.8 47.7 65.2 34.2 40.2 13.5 26.7 17.4 13.6 7.1 4.8 16.2
Boston-college BC 73.1 46.2 71.9 38.1 32.2 9.9 22.3 15.3 10.7 4.8 2.7 15.2
Maryland MARY Opponents 63.6 38.7 68.2 31.0 34.8 12.1 22.8 11.9 16.2 5.7 3.7 19.8
Boston-college BC Opponents 71.0 45.0 72.1 35.6 33.3 11.6 21.8 13.5 10.3 5.0 3.4 16.7

If not for two Cliff Tucker FT misses down the stretch, the Terps would have already beaten BC. Judging by the stats above, the recipe for victory is simple.

The Terps need to pound it inside for high percentage shots, dominate the glass, and the defend the three. 

Maryland will be the best team on the court tomorrow and with the likelihood that the loser is going to be eliminated from bubble consideration; the Terps' seniors better bring it.

This is the last chance for Messrs. Bowie, Tucker, and Gregory to grab destiny by the horns.  I know that the Terps RPI is 82 right now, but I still feel like the Terps control their fate.

They need to win the next four games or at the very least go 3-1.  Only one of those games is a gimmie (NC State).  The other three (@BC, @VT, and home vs. FSU) will all be dog fights.  Only the strong will survive.

For Maryland, the post season starts in a matter of hours.
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