Are The Terps Out Of Born Ready Sweepstakes?

5/5/2009 5:55:41 PM The ubiquitous Zag's Blog is reporting that both St. John's and Maryland are out of the running for Lance Stephenson's services.   If true, I can't say that I am surprised.  The fact that he hasn't committed to either yet is evidence enough that he is not happy with his options.

Zag is reporting that Arizona and Memphis have entered the fray and he may commit without making a visit to either school.  I'm not bothered by Lance's waffling.  For whatever reason, he's not happy with his choices.  The quoted source is saying that Lance feels that Maryland's system is "too structured" for him.  Aside from that being ridiculous (Gary Williams has had two players selected #1 or #2 in the NBA draft-- Joe Smith and Steve Francis), it is beside the point.  Stephenson is a kid and he is free to go wherever he wants for school.

My concern is that losing Lance will discourage Gary from going after the big recruits.  Regardless of where Lance goes; Gary proved that he can connect with these 5-star kids and that Maryland is a viable option for them.  Gary can't give up now.

I'm not ready to give up on Lance based on what Zag's Blog says.  I honestly don't think anyone knows what is going to happen except Lance and his family.  It's not over until it is over; but I can't wait until it is over.
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