And Then There Was None. Rowe Out For The Year

10/28/2012 7:38:28 PM We've now officially entered unchartered territory as the Terps have lost an unprecedented 4th QB to a season-ending injury.  The new QB is rumored to freshman Linebacker, Shawn Petty, who quarterbacked Greenbelt's Eleanor Roosevelt High School last year.  If Petty goes down, which at this point you need to prepare for, Brian McMahon a freshman TE who powered little Atholton High School to an 11-1 record last season would step in. 

Petty and McMahon are borderline D-I talents at their current positions (LB and TE respectively) let alone at QB.  This is would be comical if it didn't involve serious injuries to four young men and an entire University's football season.  It's safe to say, that the Terps will be hard-pressed to run an effective offense during any of our remaining games.  A win in any of them would be a huge upset.  The Terps biggest offensive play will be Stephon Diggs' kickoff returns.

As for our moron game coach, Edsall will officially get a free pass the rest of the way as even Nick Saban couldn't make do with his 5th and 6th string QBs.

Perhaps the biggest outrage in all of this is that the Terps phenomenal defense will be largely wasted.  The defense has turned in one of the best seasons that unit has had in ages and it's not likely to win another game.  What a shame.

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