All Quiet On The Recruiting Front

5/31/2011 11:23:56 AM I tell ya, it is either feast or famine when it comes to the Terps these days.  I'm not even talking about the hideous events we witnessed from the Men's and Women's Lacrosse teams.  I'm just pointing to the fact that May was a never ending barrage of news.  From Gary's shocking retirement, to the carousel of potential replacements, to the excitement of the Turgeon announcement, to the recruit de-commit re-commit drama; there's been a lot to report, disseminate, and expound upon in May.

Now as we approach June; the term "Quiet Period" has taken on new meaning.  I'm sure, that as summer rolls along; well get a sense of the top targets for 2012 and 2013 (both old and new).  Who knows, we may even hear about a 2011 kid dropping in at the last minute?

While we wait, there's not much to speculate about. In case you missed it, Yanik pointed to this link in a previous thread about Terp uber-prospect Mitch McGary.  UConn is all over this kid like white on rice.  In fact, the coaching staff is trying to get McGary to reclassify as a 2011 recruit.  The site is a Kentucky blog, so if the Terps are going to have a chance; they will have to knock down some recruiting powerhouses in the process. 

Anyone else have any news?  I've heard that Jerami Grant looked good this week at some AAU Tournament.  Other than that, it's been crickets out there.  Anything to get a new thread up, eh?
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