Alex Len Eligibility Part Deux

10/25/2011 7:25:01 AM Alex Len tweeted on Friday night that he expects to hear from the clearinghouse today.  Let's hope the news is good.  I'm still licking my wounds from the most atrocious Ravens performance I've ever seen. I had trouble sleeping last night and that hasn't happened since the Cory Lucious shot.

If Len is declared eligible or receives a minimal ban; I'll be in better spirits.  He's the key to the team this year and frankly, I think he's good enough that he alters Turgeon's recruiting plan. 

With Cleare and Len upfront in 2012; Turgeon can focus on getting a stud guard like Torian Graham (official visit planned!) then pining after longshots like Mitch McGary and Robert Carter.

Hopefully, we'll know soon.  Free Alex!
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