ACC Tourney Primer

3/11/2009 1:23:27 PM MD will only beat NC State if they are able to reverse a disturbing trend. Once this team gets knocked down; it seems to take them several games to bounce back.

UVA was a stomach punch game.  As we have seen time and time again with this team; that usually means a prolonged slump will follow.  Back in December of 2007; VCU beat the Terps in a game we should have won.  MD followed that loss with the Ohio U and American debacles.

Later in the season;  just as Maryland was starting to surge; we blew a 20 point lead to Clemson.  The Terps completely derailed after that loss and ruined their season.

This season, MD fell apart against Morgan State.  That was followed with giveaways against Miami and Florida and BC.   The team recovered, positioned itself for an NCAA bid and then wet the bed against UVA.

So what happens now?  Well as I have just illustrated; history says a loss against NC State is in the offing.  Tomorrow night's game is less about our opponent than it is about the Terps themselves.  Can they pull themselves out of the mire?  Do they believe in their teammates?

Here's what I think.  Maryland has the talent and ability to beat NC State.  Maryland also has the ability to beat themselves. Who will win? Most pundits think the Terps will just fold up the tent and head back to College Park with their tails between their legs.

My brain is telling me to agree; but my heart tells me that we can do this. Regardless of what happens; this disturbing trend needs to end.  The Terps need to figure out how to not lose focus and to stick to the game plan when shots aren't falling.  If not, we will perpetually fail to reach our potential.
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