ACC Tournament 2nd Round; Maryland vs Florida State

3/13/2014 8:30:05 AM The Season has come down to the next four days.  Hopefully, Maryland will have games to play this weekend so the diehards get one last hurrah before we head off to the Not In Tournament.  For that to happen, Maryland needs to beat Florida State today.

Both teams are desperate.  Florida State still fancies at-large hopes.  If the Seminoles can make a run into the weekend, maybe they squeak in.  For the Terps, it simpler.  Maryland needs to win the whole damn thing.  Can they do it?  Of course.  Will they? Not likely.

If you are looking for a reason to believe, here goes: The Terps have been competitive in every game they have played for the last month.  Even the last non-competitive game, @ UNC, the Terps played with the Tarheels for the final 36 minutes.  You have to go back to the home loss to Pitt on January 25th to find the last game that Maryland got blown out (Yes, I realize that was a four-point loss, but Maryland was down by double-digits most of the second half and never threatened).

Basically, what I'm telling you is that if Maryland puts it all together and plays with belief like they did against UVA, anything is possible. 

Turgeon has finally realized that he can't keep jamming the motion offense down these player's throats when they don't have the skills to run it.  Maryland has shown a willingness to press and run more and that has allowed the athletes to thrive.  If we can get some good play out of the shooters, the sky is the limit.

It starts today.  A win and we earn a rematch against UVA.  A win there and then we can start to dream.

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