ACC Quarters: It Always Comes Down To Duke

3/11/2011 9:23:08 AM Well, here we are - again.  The Terps entire season is on the line tonight against our hated nemesis.  A win could literally salvage a disappointing season; but it won't be easy or likely.

The Terps will need much steadier performances from the freshman guard tandem of Stoglin and Howard.  Another six turnover effort will surely doom Maryland.

Additionally, the icicle brothers (Tucker, Bowie, and Mosley) will have to thaw out and hit some layups and 6 footers.  It also wouldn't hurt if one or two of these guys got hot from three (don't laugh).

In my estimation, Maryland has one clear advantage - Jordan Williams. Duke will throw Tweetle Plum and Tweetle Lee's 10 fouls at J Will and he will need to play smart.  Take advantage of your post moves and athleticism; but pass out of double teams.  The guards will have to hit the open shot for us to have a chance.

The defensive effort must also be better than what we saw last night against NC State.  Palsson, Stoglin, and Howard just aren't very good defensively right now.  There is really no place to hide against Duke.  The Blue Devils have been cold from beyond the arc recently; but nothing can heat a team up like a steady diet of open looks.

Can the Terps win?  Yes.  Will they?  Only if they can reverse the disturbing trend we've seen the last 4 months.
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