A Promising Start

11/14/2009 12:07:00 PM Apologies to all for a lack of a game thread and recap. I was not near a computer last night and Jeremy was likely spending his evening at the Spearmint Rhino!

I was not able to watch the hoops game last night, but from what I saw on highlights and read from your comments on the last post, I think we can't help but be impressed with what we saw. It's been rare the past few years when Vaz has an off night shooting, we can still win by 40. I can't remember being able to dominate any team like that recently. Usually we were beating the creampuffs by 10-15.

The freshmen bigs both nearly had double-doubles. From what I saw, they seemed to be pretty strong around the basket and that allowed Milbourne to be free to do what he does best.

I noticed Mosley hitting some nice mid-range jumpers, some coming off screens. That would be such a weapon to have. A guy who can hit jumpers and also finish on ally-oops. Hard to defend a guy like that.

I know it was a game against a weak team that isn't supposed to sniff the top half of their conference, but it seemed like a different team out there. A more confident team. A more complete team.

It's a shame the footballers can't be the same!
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