A Great Day To Be A Terp

12/30/2008 11:33:34 PM I know it was the Humanitarian Bowl against Nevada and I know it was the hoops team against Elon, and while neither game was pretty at times, the Terps took care of business and came away with 2 pretty wins.

First the football squad.  Most 'experts' had the Terps losing this game to a team that seemed happier to be in Boise than a Maryland team that blew an opportunity to play for the ACC title late in the season.  I was pretty happy with the win.  It builds a lot of momentum for next year because nearly all of the big plays were turned in by freshmen or sophomores.  I'm very worried about Chris Turner, who was miserable in the 3rd quarter.  Turner missed some big time throws and seemed unaware of the rush at times as he coughed up the ball on numerous occassions.  But Turner is the guy next year and here's hoping he can take that next step.

I assume DHB will be leaving for the NFL and I do not blame him.   I think he'll be a very good player at the next level and I'm not too worried about the Terps without him because it's not like they got him the ball anyway.  They were afraid all season long to just throw it up for him.  It seemed unless he was wide open, they didn't allow him to make plays.  So if they weren't going to go to him, why should we really miss him.  I'm excited for the future with Torrey Smith, Cannon, Tyler, and Lee Odai who all showed something this season. 

The running game will be super solid as Da'Rel Scott wowed the nation with 174 yards rushing in about a quarter and a half.  With Davin Meggett and Morgan Green, we are set.  The offensive line was inconsistent, so I can't imagine it'll be horrible replacing a few guys.  But we'll see.

The defense looked pretty good despite giving up 35 points.  They actually played aggressive and they were the difference as they battered the Nevada QB all day long.  They had multiple sacks and 3 takeaways.  See what happens if you blitz and take some chances!! 

As for the hoop team, I was not able to watch the game, so some of you may have a better idea of the specifics than I do, but after reading about things and taking a look at the box score, I can say this was an uninspired Terps team early that turned it on when they needed to.  I'm not wild about David Neal taking 12 shots, but he did hit a big bucket when the deficit was 10.

Here's the big difference though in this season than last.  The team was not able to "turn it on" last year.  If they got in trouble, it was trouble all night long.  In Terps teams from the past, they were always able to go on that 10-2 run when they needed to to break open a close game.  This team has that ability so far.  They have done it in the easy games and also in the big games they won against Michigan and Michigan State. 

They now get to take a step up in opposition with a game against Charlotte.  They are not having a good season, but they are better than Elon.  So let's hope they get that killer instinct and take care of Charlotte and then we can move on to the ACC season with some momentum.
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