Turtle-Soup.com RSS Feed http://www.turtle-soup.com/ This is the website syndication feed for the Turtle-Soup.com 1/14/19 #19 Maryland vs. Wisconsin After a most impressive week, the Terps finds themselves in the top 20. It's exciting to see them turn things around from the early season stumbles. In both games, the Terps fell behind and then came back to win comfortably. Indiana cut it to three on a buzzer beater but the Terps had a two possession lead or greater for most of the second half. Much of the credit goes to Mark Turgeon for moving Cowan back to the point and not being afraid to throw in a zone defense to disrupt teams. Thos... http://www.turtle-soup.com/4628/2019/01/14/11419-19-maryland-vs-wisconsin/?utm_source=www.turtle-soup.com&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=11419-19-maryland-vs-wisconsin Turtle-Soup.com 1/14/2019 2:28:15 PM 1/10/19 Maryland vs #22 Indiana How bout dem Terps? Maryland played their best half of the season after intermission against Minnesota. It was a rout. On the road. Turgeon switched to a zone and flummoxed the Gophers. Great coaching? road wins? Who is this team? Now Maryland has a chance to complete the perfect week by holding serve against a ranked Indiana squad. Win, and Maryland is almost certainly ranked and they'll have put a stake in the ground as a team to be reckoned with in the Big Ten. The Terps ... http://www.turtle-soup.com/4627/2019/01/11/11019-maryland-vs-22-indiana/?utm_source=www.turtle-soup.com&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=11019-maryland-vs-22-indiana Turtle-Soup.com 1/11/2019 4:03:24 PM Maryland vs Minnesota The rubber meets the road for Maryland over the next 5 games. In addition to this tough road game against Minnesota, Maryland will face four successive Top 25 opponents (although it may be 3 if Wisconsin falls out of the Top 25). First things first. Maryland has looked better of late but winning at Rutgers is not the same thing as winning elsewhere on the road. Minnesota is a tough place to play and the Terps have not had a ton of success there. Our big men are among the best in the conf... http://www.turtle-soup.com/4626/2019/01/07/maryland-vs-minnesota/?utm_source=www.turtle-soup.com&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=maryland-vs-minnesota Turtle-Soup.com 1/7/2019 5:04:12 PM Maryland vs Rutgers Maryland finally got a win against a top 25 team this week. Nebraska has a good team but it’s not like we can wipe our hands of all the problems we’ve seen from this team. It’s a great first step and was wonderful to see them win a close game. Now, two road tests are on the horizon. The first one is the easiest and it’s this afternoon at Rutgers. road game are never easy and Rutgers has been in games against good teams so it won’t be easy. It should be celebrated if they walk out of there wit... http://www.turtle-soup.com/4625/2019/01/05/maryland-vs-rutgers/?utm_source=www.turtle-soup.com&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=maryland-vs-rutgers Turtle-Soup.com 1/5/2019 8:04:23 AM Maryland vs Nebraska The Big Ten season is officially in full swing as the Terps play host to Nebraska this evening. The Huskers are good and will present a challenge. In the end, the Terps will win if they don’t beat themselves and that includes tactical and coaching mistakes. This team isn’t good enough to overcome poor coaching or the inability to make adjustments. Those have unfortunately been a hallmark of all of Maryland’s lackluster defeats. Let’s hope today is the dawn of something diffeeent. http://www.turtle-soup.com/4624/2019/01/02/maryland-vs-nebraska-/?utm_source=www.turtle-soup.com&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=maryland-vs-nebraska- Turtle-Soup.com 1/2/2019 2:38:02 PM Maryland vs Radford Maryland might lose this game. The point guard experiment is not working.  http://www.turtle-soup.com/4623/2018/12/29/maryland-vs-radford-/?utm_source=www.turtle-soup.com&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=maryland-vs-radford- Turtle-Soup.com 12/29/2018 5:05:09 PM Maryland vs Seton Hall Is it still basketball season? Finals Week is interminably long. I hope the Terps have not accumulated any rust. Seton Hall comes to town and they  are good. They've already beaten Kentucky so Maryland will have its hands full. From where I sit, this is a must-win for Maryland. The Terps need a signature out-of-conference win to help the resume and is the best option on the table. It will be close but if Marylands keeps the turnovers to a minimum and continues it's dominance on the ... http://www.turtle-soup.com/4622/2018/12/21/maryland-vs-seton-hall/?utm_source=www.turtle-soup.com&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=maryland-vs-seton-hall Turtle-Soup.com 12/21/2018 12:53:14 PM Maryland vs Loyola (MD) Folks, life has been getting the better of me lately and I've twice failed to put up a game thread. Unacceptable. Tonight, the Terps take on the lesser Loyola in the hopes of completing the sweeps of the eponymous Jesuit schools. From here we take on the rest! Watch out Georgetown, Villanova etc.! In all seriousness, the Greyhounds offer a brief respite before things get serious again with Seton Hall coming to town. The Pirates just knocked off Kentucky so you can bet the Terps will... http://www.turtle-soup.com/4621/2018/12/11/maryland-vs-loyola-md/?utm_source=www.turtle-soup.com&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=maryland-vs-loyola-md Turtle-Soup.com 12/11/2018 5:26:39 PM #23 Maryland vs Purdue Maryland gets its first big road test tonight as they head to Mackey Arena to take on the Boilermakers. Maryland has ascended to #23 in the country but they’ve yet to win a game against a highly touted opponent.  Purdue began the season in the top 25 and has only lost to top 25 teams. Tonight’s game will be tough. To win, Maryland will need to continue its rebounding dominance while cutting down on the turnovers. Limiting turnovers has been extremely difficult for Maryland ov... http://www.turtle-soup.com/4620/2018/12/06/23-maryland-vs-purdue/?utm_source=www.turtle-soup.com&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=23-maryland-vs-purdue Turtle-Soup.com 12/6/2018 6:04:39 PM Maryland vs Penn State Life got the best of me on Wednesday and I wasn’t able to get a thread up in time for Virginia game. Outside of Turgeon’s unforgivable decision to throw out a lineup of 4 freshman and Bender after the under-12 timeout. That ill-advised move gave Uva separation and the Terps would never regain the lead. Make no mistake, Uva played virtually flawless basketball (2 turnovers!) and would have likely won regardless of that move. What’s more important is that Maryland played well and fo... http://www.turtle-soup.com/4619/2018/12/01/maryland-vs-penn-state/?utm_source=www.turtle-soup.com&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=maryland-vs-penn-state Turtle-Soup.com 12/1/2018 2:42:20 PM