#8 Maryland vs Northwestern

1/25/2015 8:05:09 AM Maryland is licking its wounds after a pounding at Indiana.  The Hoosiers shot 68% from three on 22 attempts.  That is an unbelievable rate of success.  While the Terps got pasted by 19 points, there is reason to believe that the Hoosiers played out of their minds and probably would have beaten anyone on Thursday. If Indiana had merely hit 40% of their 3's (9-22 instead of 15-22), they would have scored 18 less points. That alone leads me to believe that this was just one of those games.

Now, it's clear that the Terps were giving up open look after open look.  The defense just wasn't there.  If Hoosiers weren't wide open on the perimeter, they were driving past Terps in the lane. The Terps need to tighten up.

Northwestern comes to town with little chance of coming away with anything but a loss.  Sure, they can throw a scare into Maryland just like Rutgers did, but I expect the Terps to come out angry and pull away early.

Up next is another tough road game at Ohio State.  Will Maryland be able to fix their defensive issue in time to pull one out in Columbus?

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