#19 Maryland vs Indiana

2/10/2015 5:15:43 PM Somehow Maryland is still a ranked a team.  They haven't played well in nearly a month and there is no indication that anything is close to changing.

The team has fallen behind by 10+ in the first half in 4 of their last 5 games.  Nothing is going right.  The defense is disjointed.  The offense is a mess. Tomorrow's game against Indiana is critical.  They need to play well and start finding their way out of their funk.

This is on the players.  The offensive and defensive schemes are the same as the ones that got the Terps to 17-2.  What's different is the unforced turnovers, the missed threes, the utter lack of confidence, and the overall lack of toughness.

Turgeon can work to address these but ultimately, it is up to the players to remember what got them here. Indiana is a decent team.  A team that Maryland should beat at home.  Yet, no one and I mean no one feels confident that they will.

I believe in this team but they have believe in themselves before anything good can happen.  Let's hope that happens tomorrow night.

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