#17 Maryland vs Penn State

2/3/2015 8:05:57 AM The Terps have been stewing for a week as they try to work the stink off from the Ohio State debacle.  It's a pivotal time for Maryland and Coach Turgeon.  The Terps clearly lost some of their mojo during the most recent three game stretch. 

Indiana shot the lights out.  Northwestern took us to the brink at home.  Ohio State blew us out of Columbus.  Maryland is probably better than all three of those teams.  Each team exposed weaknesses in the Terps game.  Indiana exposed poor perimeter defense.  Northwestern exposed our inability to stop the dribble-drive. Ohio State stifled our guards and forced us to score with our big men which didn't happen.  Jake Layman has largely been absent in all three of these games.

Most good teams go through stretches like this.  Things stop coming easy.  Opponents have game planned to stop what the Terps like to do.  The question becomes how quickly can the Terps adjust and get back to winning ways?  The fact that the Terps play so many freshman would lead one to believe that the adjustment period could be a long one. 

We'll know how the Terps are progressing against Penn State.  They can be frisky but the Terps are better then they are at almost every position.  It should be a double-digit win.  If we struggle, then expect a rocky road through February.  After the weekend road game at Iowa, the schedule does ease up a bit so the Terps can afford to simply hold serve and advance to the NCAAs.  No one wants that.  We want this team to exhibit the strength they showed through the first 19 games of the season.

I think we'll see a return to form before the end of the season.  I just worry that it won't be right away.  Regardless, we will get a progress report tomorrow night.

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