#17 Maryland vs Iowa

2/8/2015 7:34:11 AM Maryland beat Penn State this week but it was hardly a resounding win.  Penn State went toe to toe with the Terps.  A month ago, Maryland probably wins the game by 15 points but things are a bit different now.

With so many freshman logging crucial minutes, the Terps have hit a bit of a trough.  Melo Trimble is the straw that stirs the drink and teams are determined to stop him from doing what he likes to do.  He's been facing constant double teams.  Add to that the fact that he's no longer getting the calls he used to (no idea why that's happening) and he's in a big shooting slump.  It's a vicious cocktail that has robbed Melo of his confidence.

On the bright side, he decided to beat Penn State in other ways in the second half.  He became an assist machine and starting getting everyone involved.  Double team him on the perimeter.  John Graham will get open layups.  This was a huge development.  It showed me that Melo has a natural feel for the game and can still make an impact if he's not scoring.

That said, he needs to start scoring again.  He hasn't had a field goal in 2 games.  That's over 70 minutes of playing time.  No team can win when consistently when their best player is getting shut out.

Enter a tough road test at Iowa.  Maryland hasn't had a good win since Jan 17th. Heck, the Terps haven't even been competitive against the conference's top teams during that stretch. It's hard to expect a win today, but at the very least Maryland needs to be competitive.  Another blow out and the questions will start to be asked about the direction of the team.

Surely, Maryland has a Tournament resume, but the selection committee doesn't like to pick slumping teams. There's still plenty of time, but Maryland needs to find it's way out of this funk to have the kind of season we all know that they are capable of having.

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