#14 Maryland vs Michigan

2/27/2015 10:34:17 AM Tuesday's game will forever be known as the Dez Wells Game.  What a performance he turned in. He willed the Terps to victory.  The crowd was electric.  Apparently, all that's needed to get the students to turn out for a game is a coordinated flash mob but I digress.

The Terps are now poised to earn a protected seen in the NCAAs.  Maryland has top 10 RPI (Top 10!!!) and 2 wins against Top 10 RPI teams.  They still have an outside shot at the regular season B1G title.  Wisconsin has a tough schedule to close out the season (Mich St and @Ohio State).

Of course, a title shot is predicated on Maryland not stumbling down the stretch.  Michigan is coming off a win vs Ohio State and despite Maryland's recent winning streak, they aren't blowing out teams so the game is virtually guaranteed to be close. 

This team has proven its mettle in close games so I feel confident that we will close out the home schedule with a win on senior day, it won't be easy. It never is.  This season has been a joy and our Terps deserve a sell out crowd for the Xfinity finale.

I am stuck at a sales conference through Saturday and will miss the game.  Sucks, but I'll have The Soup on refresh to keep me updated.

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