#14 Maryland vs #5 Wisconsin

2/22/2015 9:08:07 PM The big game is here.  The Terps are desperate to prove that they can beat a good team following some disheartening blowout road losses and a few close wins against conference bottom feeders. There are many doubters out there (Seth Davis being the most prominent).

From where I sit, I have seen the Terps improve their shooting dramatically over the last few games. They seem to be turning a corner.  What I haven't seen is a complete performance and that is what is needed if the Terps are going to beat Wisconsin on Tuesday.  A complete effort means a commitment to rebounding.  The Terps have 3 offensive rebounds in the last 80 minutes of basketball.  That is astounding.  You simply cannot beat good teams if you only get one shot per possession. 

If they are going to get it going, this would be the game. The Terps can virtually lock down second place with a win.  They can stamp their ticket to a top 4 NCAA Tournament seed.  They can show themselves to be a force to be reckoned with.

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