12 Minutes That Ruined The Season

1/14/2009 11:05:13 PM I don't know how they did it, but they found a way to demoralize the fanbase just a little bit more than we all thought possible.

That was a stomach punch game if ever there was one.

What can Gary and crew possibly do for an encore? Trot out a fan at halftime and publicly disembowel him a la Braveheart? At this point, I think watching that would make me less naseous than how I feel right now.

We now have the terrible trifecta of traumatic Terp losses. Add this to last year's Clemson game and the Duke game from 2001. Grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. The Maryland Way.

What's next for our Terps? I'm ready to proclaim the season as a lost cause. They don't have the horses and now they are demoralized. I would hold judgment to see if they can rebound against Florida State, but I don't think I have the intestinal fortitude to sit through that contest.

If you are still reading, perhaps you are looking for a silver lining. Here goes:

Only through defeats like this, will Terp fans appreciate the big wins when the program comes back.

I gave it a try folks. That is all I got. At least the economy is going well.
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