106 - 58!

11/1/2010 7:18:11 PM OK.  It's only a preseason game.  There's no reason to get carried away.  But still!  The Terps steamrolled Florida Southern.  I know.  Florida Southern is a Division II school.  Last year, the Terps beat DII, Indiana, PA by 20 points. Does this 48 point drubbing mean that we will be twice as good as last year?  No.

What it does mean is that the Terps are athletic as hell and capable of running teams out of the building with fast breaks and pressing defense.

The strong game tonight doesn't necessarily mean the season will be successful; but I do think it gives us some indicators as to what the season will be like.

I think it is safe to say that the "standard deviation" from the Terps average performance will be much bigger than last year.  We will destroy teams that have inexperienced back courts and/or an unathletic roster.  We could get blown out by teams that force to play half court and execute the offense.

Overall, there is plenty to be about after tonight's glorified scrimmage.  It's hard to imagine a better sendoff heading into the opener next week.

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