#10 Maryland vs Rutgers

3/3/2015 10:21:53 AM We are in the home stretch folks.  The Terps play two winnable road games before heading to Chicago for the Big Ten Tournament.  Rutgers played the Terps close in College Park earlier in the year but they are a vastly inferior team.  Maryland should win easily and I expect a decent away crowd with all of the NY/NJ alumni heading to New Brunswick. 

A double-digit win would be nice but Maryland hasn't been blowing teams out since early January so don't expect it.  Much has been made of Maryland's poor rankings with the sites and ratings services that employ "advanced metrics".  The Terps are not an "efficient" team apparently.  They just grind out wins and don't make crucial mistakes at the end of games.  I guess there aren't ways to account for that with advanced statistics. 

None of this matters of course.  Sure, we'd like to see the Terps winning with style.  At the core of it, when Maryland steps on to the court against anyone, they have three super-talented starters (Wells, Trimble, Layman) who would likely start for the opponent. Not many teams can say that. 

For those looking ahead to the Big Ten Tournament, we should all hope that we avoid Illinois in the quarterfinals.  The United Center won't feel like a neutral site for that matchup.  Otherwise, it'd be nice to get a revenge win against Iowa.  That's my preference.

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